Bad Medicine


The IDF has confirmed scoring direct hits overnight on a terror tunnel in the central Gaza Strip, a terror activity site in the northern Gaza Strip and a second terror activity site in the central Gaza Strip, with secondary blasts being identified in two of the three targets.

The palestinians have claimed one of the targets was a medicine warehouse. Hamas, in particular, is playing up the “medicine warehouse” angle.

Can you guess which version the foreign press photographers have gone with?

Firefighters extinguish a fire at a burning medicine warehouse in Gaza City, after Israeli aircraft carried out air strikes against four targets in response to a rocket fired from Gaza into Israel on Tuesday. Gaza, Palestinian Territory. 09/02/2011
A member of Hamas' security forces walks near a burnt medicine storage facility after an Israeli air strike, as reported by local officials, in Jabalya on the northern Gaza Strip February 9, 2011. An Israeli army spokesperson reported on Wednesday the Israeli air force targeted three sites in the Gaza Strip in response to earlier rocket firings at Israel. REUTERS/Mohammed Salem

And there’s plenty more examples.

This, despite the existence of the secondary explosions indicating the storage of weapons and explosives, as well as Hamas’ track record in using inconspicuous locations for rocket launching and claiming locations struck were mere factories.

(hat tip: Brian)

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