Little Old Ladies

Little old ladies feature in a number of foreign press photos from the last day or so.

Can you guess what each one is doing?

old Hizbullah lady

a) Practicing for her scene in an Arabic adaptation of Driving Miss Daisy

b) Trying to focus while she peels onions in preparing dinner for her grandchildren

c) Mourning the death of three arch terrorists dedicated to the destruction of Israel and the killing of innocents

Answer is here.

old palestinian woman

a) Trying hard to extricate her wedding ring from her finger after catching her husband having an affair with a visiting trapeze artist

b) Making sure the fly she just swatted is really dead

c) Mourning the death of a terrorist dedicated to the killing of innocents

Answer is (kind of) here. But you’ll also have to look here. (And don’t bother looking here).

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  • faboutlaws

    The last story about the fishermen might have gone like this: Arabs throw a grenade in the water, boom, Arabs collect the dead fish. Arabs throw a grenade in the water, boom, Arabs collect the dead fish. Arabs throw a grenade at Israeli soldiers, boom, other Arabs collect dead fishermen.

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  • mine

    Q; What do you call racism in Israel…

    A; The law.

    • faboutlaws

      Talk about a racist statement. You said it, now prove it. What are you going to tell us? Israeli law is racist because it is not sharia? Israeli law is a shining light in a gigantic muck of unfathomable backwardness.

      • Jim from Iowa

        You said a mouthful. Who in his right mind would choose to live in any of the repressive, undemocratic Arab states in the Middle East over a democratic Israel? Rule of law prevails in Israel, not rule by King, Pharoah, military strongman, Emir or Ayatollah as it does throughout the rest of the region.

    • Dan

      Q:What do the "useful idiots" call themselves?
      A:Peace activists