Sheket B’vakasha In Da House!

Check out #9 of NBA TV’s top 10 from a few days ago: Sacramento’s Israeli player Omri Casspi with an awesome dunk…followed by the announcer with awesome Hebrew.

He makes it look like a..ehhhh.. piece of cake.

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  • Daniela

    As Tal Brody put it
    אנחנו על המפה ואנחנו נישאר על המפה:!!!

  • juvanya

    I remember in Hebrew School, when someone would talk incessantly, the class would cheer "SHEKED BVAKASHA, HEY!"

    • jpl

      I don't think we went to the same Hebrew school, but I remember the exact same scenario.

    • Shy Guy

      That was used plenty in summer camp.

      School? It was almost always "shut the damn hell up already!"

      • juvanya

        Every Monday and Wednesday afternoon, we would have an hour and a half to learn various Jewish, Hebrew, and Israeli things. From 3rd grade to 7th grade…then it was Hebrew High school on sundays, which was the same thing but more advanced.

  • ophir

    While "sheket bevakasha" is just common Hebrew often used in classrooms, lectures etc., the phrase "Sheket Bakasha !!" (the mistake is intentional) is taken from the Israeli cult film "Big Eyes" by Uri Zohar and often used in Hebrew slang.

    Obviously, I did not hear what Omri said, but I suspect this is the phrase he used.

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