Ma’an News paints a very bleak picture of life for palestinians.

Maan/Hatem Omar

The vast majority of Palestinians own their homes, living with an average of 1.6 people per room, while those who rent pay an average of 115 Jordanian Dinars ($162) per month, a housing survey found.

The Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics released its report on Tuesday, which was compiled for the year 2010. While home ownership and space per person remained relatively similar in numbers for the West Bank and Gaza, conditions in Gaza were in general more crowded, the survey found.

Less than one percent of households lived in large manor homes, while 48 percent said they lived in a house, with 50 percent in apartment buildings. Home ownership in the West Bank was at 82 percent, and at 80 percent in Gaza.

In the West Bank, the report found an average of 1.5 persons per room, whereas the average for Gaza Strip was 1.8. Ten percent overall live in homes where there are more than three people per room, with 12 percent in Gaza and eight percent in the West Bank.

Housing units had an average of 3.6 rooms. Fifteen percent of households live in housing units with 1 or 2 rooms; 17 percent in the West Bank and 13 percent in the Gaza Strip.

Almost all homes had refrigerators, 94 percent had satellite dishes, and 47 percent had computers. Twenty-two percent have private cars, 30 percent in the West Bank and seven percent in Gaza.

80-82% home ownership places the palestinians near the top in the world (well ahead of Israel which only has 66%).  94% with satellite dishes places them ahead of the USA (in terms of satellite and cable combined)

Which leads to the obvious conclusions..

Israel is clearly forcing the palestinians to buy their homes, enslaving them to the banks and crippling them financially! We are also forcing them to install satellite dishes so we can spy on them at all times, and carry out assassinations!


But in all seriousness, this really demonstrates that most of what you are hearing about the palestinians’ living conditions is propaganda.

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