Monday Night Cute

So I was thinking: You know what this blog does not have enough of? Cute, dancing babies!

Actually, that was my one-year-old daughter, who is a large reason why my blogging output has fallen over the last year.

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  • Jim from Iowa

    Cute! Cute! Cute! And apparently she is being raised as a multi-lingual speaker. Impressive!

  • walt kovacs

    dont they have this in hebrew? and she is a cutie

    btw…have you been following wackjob dickie?

    all last week, on that whole gag order for a rape kick…and how he had to protect the women of israel

    now, he finds a ynet article on a case against a female border police and is attacking her mercilessly…

    never mind that in both cases…democracy is winning

    and dickie, for the life of him, cant figure out why a sphardi female, would hate jewish girls who date arabs

    he really knows nothing about israel, jews or jewish culture….do he?

  • Shy Guy

    Not the "wheels on the bus" song!


  • Ian

    She’s adorable.

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