Naqba Violence

Here’s a summary of the violence on this Naqba Day


Photo: Yaron Kaminsky

Over the course of the day, several riots broke out in various locations, causing friction between Israeli security forces and the rioters and inciters:

Northern Region:

During the midday hours, hundreds of Syrian rioters infiltrated the Israeli-Syrian border into the village Majdal Shams, and in the center of the village violently rioted against IDF forces. In attempt to turn the rioters back to Syria, forces fired selectively towards rioters who were targeting security infrastructure and some were injured as a result.

Additionally, along the Lebanese border, several rioters attempted to breach the border fence and to infiltrate into Israeli territory. IDF forces responded by firing warning shots.

Currently, IDF forces and Israel Police forces are operating to restore order in these locations.

In these incidents, three IDF officers and ten IDF soldiers were all injured.

The IDF emphasizes that attempts to damage property or cause harm to security forces will be responded to.

The IDF sees the governments of Syria and Lebanon as responsible for any violence or provocation towards Israel that emanates from their respective territories.

Central Region:

Multiple violent riots broke out in several locations throughout the West Bank. These riots included rock hurling, the throwing of fire bombs and the burning of tires.

South of Ramallah, in Qalandiya, approximately 600 Palestinians are violently rioting. During this riot, rocks were hurled, as were flares, at security forces who have been responding with riot dispersal means.

Furthermore, throughout the day there have been several incidents during which rioters have been seen hiding behind ambulances for cover while hurling rocks at security forces. IDF forces have been responding with riot dispersal means to contain these riots and thus far have been persistent in their efforts.

Southern Region:

In the past several hours, riots have taken place in several sites in the Gaza Strip, the most prominent of which is adjacent to the Erez Crossing. Hundreds of Palestinian rioters are hurling rocks at IDF forces. The rioters arrived at the humanitarian aid crossing and caused damage to its structures. Soldiers fired in a controlled manner in the direction, and towards the legs of the leading rioters, in order to disperse them and prevent them from entering Israeli territory. A number of rioters were injured as a result.

In addition, during the afternoon hours IDF forces identified a suspect planting an explosive device along the security fence in the northern Gaza Strip. IDF soldiers fired towards the suspects, identifying a hit.

Terrorist organizations are constantly operating with the objective to harm Israeli civilians and IDF soldiers, and have previously attempted to execute terrorist activities near the various crossings carrying humanitarian aid into Gaza.

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  • chobber

    Israel must be the only country in the world whose very existance relys on keeping the indigenous population out of its homeland.

    • nanaloshen

      You've got that backwards. Israel is keeping the indigenous people in their homeland. That would be the Jews. The Jewish people are indigenous to the middle east and specifically Israel, Judaism is an eastern religion, and in the old days, pre-1948, people like you would be telling the Jews to go home to Palestine. Either way, you're irrelevant.

      • chobber

        That right Judiasm is a religion not a ethnicity.
        I wonder the 'Christian People', since Christianity started in the holy lands could also lay claim to the land of Caanan.

        • Shy Guy


          Definition: ethnicity

          We are the Jewish nation. Our lineage is matriarchal. Anyone can join under the terms of conversion. A Jew is still a Jew even if they cease abiding by Jewish laws and customs.

          Let the christians claim what they want. We'll send them to you.

          • Jim from Iowa

            Wise words from a wise man, Shy Guy. Reminds me of another wise fellow, Kenny Rogers. You've got to know when to hold 'em; know when to fold 'em. And you never count your money when you're sittin' at the table. There'll be time enough for counting when the dealing's done.

          • chobber

            So those black Ethiopian Jews are your long lost cousins

            • Shy Guy

              Earn a graduation certificate from your Reading Comprehension 101 class and you might understand why you keep on going down the wrong track.

    • The Truth

      You're obvioulsy an idiot. Jews are the indigenous people of Israel and it's surroudning area. The Arabs are the settlers and occupiers. They invaded from the place now known as Saudi Arabia and killed many of he indigenous Jews.
      The "Palestinian people" are a myth. Before the the 1960's Jews were referred to as "Palestinians." Israel was re-named Palestine by the Romans and has no connection to the Arabs. Israel is the homeland of the Jewish people and that is a fact!

    • Dan

      You mean "indigenous" Arabs as in Arabia?
      For the likes of you, who have their heads stuck so much up their bottoms,
      the "Palestinian cause" is just another excuse for hating the Jews.

  • Abu Zib
  • soloman4israel

    @chobber greetings.
    without repeating previous comments to you and not haveing the time to give you a full biblical/history lesson jews were not only trying but were being/offered re location after world war 2 to their homeland palestine/israel.
    many in camps did not dream of going to america/europe if they lived but to come to our war 2 ended eu 1945.
    thank you.

  • kobi

    lineage is not exclusively matrilineal. that, and the fiasco of "orthodox" (litvisher haredi being the reigning form) conversions are rabbinical innovations. karaites, juhurim, shomronim and most likely in tribal israel descent was patrilineal. you should stop excluding people like myself – mother didn't go through with the orthodox conversion, but i proudly call myself an israeli jew (made aliyah) and served in tzahal! spoke better hebrew after a few weeks there than many, many anglos (and other olim) who have lived for years in israel and not "gone native" hardly. i'm a jew, son of a jew, circumcised, don't believe in yoschke and counted as an enemy of jewhaters be they islamic, nazi, leftist or rightist… with the bells of jihad tolling across the middle east and through to america, this is no time to exclude your own kind.

    • Shy Guy

      You can make up all the gibberish you want but, since the Revelation at Sinai, Jewish lineage is solely matrilineal. You have no understanding of anything "rabbinic", from your rant in the post above.

      You're a well meaning gentile. You can call yourself what you want but a Jew you're not.

    • Jim from Iowa

      Swept by the Mavs in 4. You ought to be ashamed of yourself.

  • Shy Guy

    Naqba violins:
    [youtube RCoT4XNCtcs youtube]

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