An Open Letter to Arab Leaders From The Naqba Dwarf

Dear Exalted Leaders of the Palestine National Liberation Movements,

I am writing to you as a minor mini celebrity of our cause. You may remember me from such diverse productions as Evil Zionist Settlers, Evil Zionist Mafiosos, and my latest – Evil Zionist Apes and Pigs.

I have been very involved in our Nakba day activities, especially projectile throwing (sometimes as the thrower, sometimes as the projectile), but have become increasingly frustrated with the latest craze – giant Nakba keys. As a person of small stature, I have find it very difficult to carry such keys, let alone hold them up for the world medias’ cameras.

So I am writing to you with a small request: would it be possible to allow for the use of smaller keys for our propaganda purposes?

Alternatively, could you please order for me a key costume?

Yours Faithfully,

Naqba Dwarf Esq.

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  • soloman4israel

    dear naqba dwarf greetings.
    well your idea of a costume sounds great and would be much better for you perhaps you could also request some form of small gun key ring to be worn around your waist so that your hands can be free to do hand stands and various other tricks for the cameras just make sure how its hanging you dont want to blow any-thing off by mistake.

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