Evil Again Wears A Savile Row Suit

Brian of London again.

The UK Foreign Secretary, channeling the spirt of Neville Chamberlain (though I have less hope he will, as Chamberlin did in the end, see the error of his ways):

Foreign Secretary William Hague said he is deeply concerned by reports that protesters have been killed in the Golan Heights on 5 June.

The Foreign Secretary said:“I am deeply concerned by reports that a number of protesters have been killed and others injured following protests in the Golan Heights yesterday. We recognise Israel’s right to defend herself. It is vital that any response is proportionate, avoiding lethal use of force unless absolutely necessary, and that the right to protest is respected. I continue to call on all parties, including the Governments of Israel and Syria, to do everything they can to protect the lives of civilians and to avoid provocative acts.”

The remarks came after Israeli troops fired at protesters from Syria in the occupied Golan Heights.

How about ending with “The remarks came after the murderous Syrian regime bussed cannon fodder to the border and bribed them to attack Israel”.

Yesterday the world’s media gleefully parroted the Syrian State media’s LIES without a moment’s thought or hesitation. Not one serious outlet reported what I wrote here yesterday afternoon:

On the Syrian border the IDF had a three step process:

  1. Verbal warnings in Arabic
  2. Firing in the air
  3. Shoot specific protesters who touch the Israeli border fence in the FEET

The other thing revealed was that when the IDF responded to a request from the Red Cross (Red Crescent?) for a cease fire to remove casualties (send in the chiropodists) some of the rioters took this as a great opportunity to attack again. Typical.

Last night, upon the invitation of the UK’s Embassy, I attended a brilliant lecture by the historian Sir Martin Gilbert about the behaviour of the British between the end of WWII and Israel’s recreation. It was a devastating tale of the abhorrent treatment of 100,000 (that’s all that were left) of the most persecuted and tortured people on the planet.

This is directed at William Hague and the team at the UK in Israel: Amazing. You didn’t take the time to find out that the IDF did not shoot to kill, like the Syrian forces who indiscriminately murder their own people. The IDF shot at FEET and only after multiple warnings. You and your helicopter gun ships are far more indiscriminate in Libya than the IDF ever is and you’re not even defending your own borders! What give you the RIGHT to tell Israel how to stop an invasion?

Why not commend Israel for its restraint? You know that an unrestrained Arab dictator would have shot hundreds. Oh, wait, Syria did that last week and the world snoozed because the Internet was cut off.

The UK is doing again what Sir Martin Gilbert explained last night: backing the Muslim and Arab horse against the JEW because of sordid internal interests in getting elected again. Only this time you don’t have 80 million Muslims as constituents in India, you have 2 or 3 million at home.

After listening to Sir Martin last night, I would hope the updater of the UK in Israel Facebook page is feeling a little self doubt: perhaps you’ll have the courage to resist your government’s revolting policies like the few brave UK ambassadors across Europe who did try to help destitute Jews reach their promised land after the nightmare of the Holocaust.

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Brian of London is not the messiah, he's a very naughty boy. Since making aliyah in 2009, Brian has blogged at Israellycool. Brian's interests include electric cars, world peace and an end to world hunger. Besides blogging here, Brian of London now writes at the Times of Israel. Brian of London also hosted Shire Network News

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Facebook Comments

  • Ian

    Not sure if you can DL from outside Australia.
    Transcript will be up 2pm Tues (+10hrs GMT) http://www.abc.net.au/tv/qanda/txt/s3227620.htm
    Unfortunately Austen Tayshus didn’t get a chance to rip Paul McGeough a new one. He got some good shots in tho.

  • RoMo

    I was also at the lecture last night. Perfidious Albion indeed but I was quite shocked at Truman. I never realised what an anti-Semite he was too. At least he did something right in voting for the State. Whatever has happened to Hague? He used to be a human being. I expect that he, too, is in thrall to oil.

    • Gerald

      RoMo nothing has happened to Hague. Look at his record from his nauseous speech to the Conservative Party Conference when he was a teenager, to his time as a useless Secretary of State for Wales, then as a failed Leader of the Conservative Party. Success is not a word that could be used to describe his past or present performance. The Camel Corps in the Foreign Office must have thought it was Christmas come early when they heard he was to be Foreign Secretary.

  • Dan

    Brian, can you please provide with links to video/audio/transcripts of Sir Martin's talk.

  • Jim from Iowa

    I have found the American press to be reasonably fair, albeit short on detail, when reporting this incident on the Golan Heights. On Fareed Zakaria's program (CNN)there was mention of a possible Syrian Gov't connection and I heard more speculation this morning on NPR's Radio Times hosted by Marty Moss-Coane. Give us Americans some time, though. We still haven't gotten every last intimate detail of Rep. Anthony Weiner's "Weingergate" saga yet.

  • DMR

    Can we get the translation from Hebrew right? Surely the orders are to shoot the protesters in the "legs," not the "feet." I have noticed that even the best non-native English speaking Israelis get this wrong (since the Hebrew "regel" means both "leg" and "foot."

    • brianoflondon

      The IDF shot at feet, not legs.

      I was given a direct briefing by IDF Spokesperson in English. When she said feet I stopped her to make sure because even my poor Hebrew knows about "regel" and " kuf regel". She specifically confirmed that the feet, not the rest of the leg, were aimed at.

  • SteveDallas

    He would complain if Israel shot at toes, after 100 warnings . Look at the way the British sailors turned themselves over to Iran; they didn't even try to defend themselves. That is the model the British ruling class wants for you. One day the British will wish they had someone with the fortitude of Chamberlain.

    • stv

      I think Chamberlain get's a lot of unfair criticism. It's important to remember where we were in the 30's, coming out of a recession (…hang on) after a massive war (….massive war ay?) only to be confronted with evil on our doorstep (oh shi…).

      The fact was Britain was unprepared for a fight and Chamberlain knew it, primarily he was trying to buy us time for what he thought was most likely inevitable.

      The fact is that yes we have lousy leaders and some of the recruits to the Navy and some of the other services leave much to be desired because of ridiculous government interference and failure to replace experience.

      BUT, there are good, solid men and women there who can do the job and can step up and it's up to us whether we want to nurture that or throw it away in an attempt to meet government targets or regulations on 'diversity' and other bullshit.

      We have to look back on our history and the great old soldiers and say 'we want to emulate them', whether it's canny abilities of some of Henry Lawrences young men to understand the handling of the Punjab, including John Nicholson or the cool head, ferociousness in the fight and excellent reading of the battle by the Argylls in the Crater at Aden including Colin 'Mad Mitch' Mitchell.

  • Geraint

    Britain is a basket case. Having lived there in the early 2000s in Tower Hamlets in Bow one can only say that the place is colonized by islamic goons from the middle east. The UK is slowly reflecting the people's make up. As more and more refuse from the islamic world washes up on its shores the UK will lose its moral compass and reflect the distorted illogical views of the middle east. Is the EDL and option? They need to get political if they want to save their country. The UK lets in a torturer for Mugabe but throws out a zimbabwean with UK ancestry who is seeking REAL asylum. That is the UK today. It forgets its past and its people in the former colonies in the name of multiculturalism and sacrifices all. Expect more of this GARBAGE from Whitehall in the future years. Who knows what the views on Kara are on this forum visiting Europe – but Israel is going to have to make alliances with likeminded patriots ( not neo nazis) in Europe to save both Israel and Europe and in the future civilization.

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