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The pull-tag on the inside of the boot of my hire car (a Jaguar):

I guess it is the car of choice for the mafia?

By the way, I already have some funny stories to tell of my adventures with this car (which is by far the fanciest car I have ever driven). Hopefully, I will find the time to post about them when I am back in Israel.

And no, none of them involve stuffing a body in to the boot of the car.

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  • ProphetJoe

    Did you ever see the movie "Hangover"? The graphic (above) made me think of that scene…

  • BrianOfLondon

    Don't ask how I know this but I suspect that handle will glow in the dark. You can test it if you like.

  • z303

    Oh, that's what he was talking about! His "strine" is sometimes too thick for me.

    • soloman4israel

      don't worry when we have had him in israel a little longer,and a bit more training he will be fine.
      dont forget the poor boy comes from a country where they dont even understand their own language unless spoken in slang.

      • z303

        The Austrailians I went to Yeshiva with told us that if they spoke as they did at home, we wouldn't understand them.

        But RBS-A is heavily British, so I wouldn't bet on him writing in normal American English. Maybe they'll make him Chareidi.

        • soloman4israel

          e'm its a thought,but makeing him an haredim,with the rules and understanding surrounding the exactness,may be the problem even though he my have looked at this avenue him-self.
          poor boy may not wish to go that far.
          be well have to go.

          • z303

            You don't know RBS-A, then. There is not that much difference between the Dati Leumi and Chareidi. Now RBS-B is whole 'nother kettle of fish.

  • z303

    I hear the Los Angeles Dogders are declaring bankruptcy.


  • BrianOfLondon

    I was once on the phone asking a sales person for information about buying a GPS unit in the US. I suggested one model and the sales person offered me a larger one saying the bigger screen would be easier to use.

    I replied that a smaller, more portable unit was better for me as I would be using it mostly in hire cars.

    After a pause she replied that all their units would work in both normal cars and TALLER sport utility cars.

    I guess that should have told me that hire cars really means rental!

    • soloman4israel

      we know the terrorists scare the(—-) life out of the americans as they are always takeing their pants to the cleaners.
      sorry u.s.a. joke only.

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