Wacky Hamas Terrorist Profile of the Day

The One Who Inspired Inanimate Objects To Speak

Baker Jamal An-Nabaheen

On July 24th, 2009, Baker went for Ar-Rebat [Protecting Gaza border], he went with his cousin Osama An-Nabaheen to plant bomb near Gaza border, the bomb has a technical defect, the medical stuffs announced that they martyred immediately after the explosion.

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  • Jim from Iowa

    This is one of the down sides to jihad–unexpected martyrdom caused by inexact bomb making. Well, his family has this unfortunate tribute to remember him by. Some consolation.

  • Dan

    Somebody should write a paper about Prematurely Exploding Munitions Syndrome that seems to have martyred so many would be Jihadists.Its probably the biggest Jiahdist killer only second to Hellfire missiles.

  • z303

    You think maybe they meant medical STIFFS?

  • blogagog

    See, this just makes me feel more empathy for the Jews.#%ck a palestinian. I'm ro Jew, and pro Israel. I mean, just think of what those poor folks have to go through.

    Get up in the morning slaving for bread Sir… So that every mouth can BE fed. Oh, the Israelites.

  • MiddleEastInterpreter

    This is another micro-event, which ended in an unplanned death of a Palestinian terrorist. There are other micro-events that end up with a tragic loss of life of civilians that do not wish to take part in the conflict (on both sides).

    However, those events must not overshadow the root cause, which is mainly the perpetual incitement for Anti-Israeli sentiments, driven into children through their programs, later in schools and eventually in the mosques.

    Until this changes there is no hope for peace and this is reflected in the recent poll done in both Gaza and the West Bank

    MiddleEastInterpreter http://MiddleEastInterpreter.wordpress.com

  • faboutlaws

    The one who inspired inanimate objects to speak. Are they talkin' about the well spoken inanimate bomb here?

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