Rocket Attacks To Start The Day

REUTERS/Yannis Behrakis

Not content with the murder and mayhem they perpetrated yesterday, palestinian terrorists have today fired at least 12 rockets at southern Israel, with one of them exploding in the courtyard of a yeshiva (a Jewish seminary). 6 10 people have been injured.

Meanwhile, an IAF air strike in response to yesterday’s carnage targeted Hamas installations. The terrorist mastermind behind yesterday’s attacks, who was also head of the Popular Resistance Committees, was turned into worm food. The worms apparently spat him out afterwards (bad aftertaste). Or, as the Hamas website put it in one of their “touching” terrorist tributes, he “reached the hospital as fragments.”

Clearly, the terrorists plan on continuing to escalate their murderous plans to satiate their blood lust. We can only hope our leader develops the testicular fortitude to deal them crippling blows.

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