How Long Is Yours?


Brian of London here with one of his irregular Tech Talk features.

Just as the ladies have always known, length really does matter. Here’s a little Shana Tova New Year gift to readers of Israellycool: a little something to help you stay safe online with better password security. I’ve listened to the podcast Security Now faithfully for many years now and in the field of computer security the host, Steve Gibson, is one of the best.

This is a well put together explanation of his “Password Haystacks” thinking done by ABC News. It’s pitched firmly at the non-technical and it’s very good advice and worth reading and watching the video.

Here are two passwords. Try to figure out which one is harder for a hacker to crack.

  •  First, one with a combination of letters and symbols: “%$#@(8ks98”
  • Another starts with the word “dog,” but with a capital “D,” the numeral zero for the “o,” and several periods after the “g”: “D0g………..”

Believe it or not, the second is more difficult, and here’s why.

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