Foreskin Man’s Flop

Attempts to ban circumcision in California have gotten the shaft. Or gone flaccid (take your prick pick).

California Governor Jerry Brown announced on Sunday that he signed a bill preventing local authorities from banning the practice of male circumcision.

The bill, which takes effect immediately, comes in the wake of an effort by a San Francisco group opposed to male circumcision to enforce a city-wide ban of the practice in a November ballot measure.

That effort was struck down in late July by a California judge who said it would infringe on religious freedom. The measure was removed from the November ballot.

The measure, which garnered 12,000 signatures of support, would have made it a misdemeanor crime to circumcise a boy before he is 18 years old in San Francisco, regardless of the parents’ religious beliefs.

A dozen petitioners sued to block the initiative at the time. A similar effort in Santa Monica, west of Los Angeles, was withdrawn.

Looks like Governor Jerry Brown has proved to be Foreskin Man’s kryptonite. Or perhaps Foreskin Man was his own worst enemy?

Meanwhile, now seems like a good time to whip this out: 

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  • Jim from Iowa

    This post has set a record for "pun-tastic comments" relating to male circumcision. Rise up and go to the head of the class, master of the double entendre, for you are unmatched in this endeavor. Unless it's perhaps someone named Harry Balls.

    • ziontruth

      Speaking of puns… you know of the media player Winamp, which was one of the earliest widespread apps to have skins (user interface wrappings, “window dressing” changing the default appearance—but not behavior—of an application or windowing system)? Winamp is now at its 5.x versions, but the previous versions were numbered 3.x. Why did they skip a number?

      Well, among other reasons, the developers said, “Nobody wants to see a Winamp 4 skin.”

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