Released Terrorists Hoping To Continue The “Resistance”

REUTERS/Ahmed Jadallah

The terrorists released in the Shalit exchange deal have seen the error of their ways and no longer support terrorism against Israelis.

Yeah right.

Ahlam Tamimi had this to say:

“Allah has chosen soldiers for him on this land and they are the soldier of (Hamas’ armed wing) the al-Qassam Brigades. They are going to free all prisoners. Thank Allah, without resistance no freedom to prisoners.”

And here’s Nimer Darwaze:

“The resistance is increasing and there are steps for the future. The resistance will continue until the victory, God willing.”

Released terrorist Yehia Sanwar pledged the following:

“We shall do everything in our power to free the prisoners, whatever the cost may be.”

Similar sentiments from previously released terrorist Samir Kuntar:

“We shall spare no efforts to liberate the rest of our brothers and sisters. We urge the palestinian resistance groups to kidnap more soldiers to exchange them for the freedom of our loved ones who are still behind bars,”

Here’s hoping these scumballs get up close and personal with an F-16 missile in the very near future.

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19 October 2011 at 11:10am
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  • Jim from Iowa

    The scumball quotient just went up in the West Bank. But America will continue to churn out Predator drones if Israel can put them to good use. And Gilad Shalit will be able to watch the results on Israeli TV.

    • STV

      Israel doesn’t use the predator. The USA probably has an upper hand on UAV technology but Israel is probably the market leader for exports largely due to the USA’s complicated contract’s, agreements and rules and poor after market support.

      • Jim from Iowa

        Well, maybe Israel should change their policies. If ABC News is right, some of the stinger missiles that were once part of Ghadaffi’s weapons inventory are now in Gaza. Why risk the life of an IDF pilot when a drone can get the job done just as well (maybe better)? And with Israeli technology, why would you need American after market support, anyway?

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  • Rob Gard

    Two can play at the al Taqqiya game. All these terrorists broken out of jail by means of kidnapping and extortion were made to sign standard statements that they would behave themselves in the future, and wouldn’t even associate with bad guys. There were also negotiated agreements as to where each terrorist would be relocated. The Egyptian military held Israel to strict compliance, while letting Hamas slide on just about every obligation. Hamas is already in breach of the agreement, not to mention the unenforcability of agreements made under duress. If Israel proceeds to release the remaining terrorists promised under this shakedown, they should have their heads examined.

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