Stephen Colbert Occupies Occupy Wall Street


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Colbert Super PAC – Stephen Colbert Occupies Occupy Wall Street Pt. 1
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  • Jim from Iowa

    I actually thought of you, Dave, when I watched this earlier in the week. I like to think that at least one of them, probably the guy, is in on the joke.

  • Proud Infidel

    I don’t care for Colbert because he’s just a liberal poking fun at conservatives, but the video is great. I don’t think he intended to expose these occutard nitwits as the idiots they are, but that’s what happened.

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  • Thillo

    The reason Ketchup doesn’t want to reveal her last name is because her last name is SOROS. No kidding.

    Scroll down to paragraph 11.

  • Mathew

    LOL that was funny, i think it’s satire, but it’s not far from the truth. Out here in Sydney, a bunch of these morons took an about debating whether to go for a walk, but that’s not the worst, after an hour of waffling and blathering about it, they still couldn’t make up their minds.