Occupy Boston Occupies Israeli Consulate

Some members of the Occupy movement continue to show their antisemitic and anti-Israel credentials.

My favorite part has to be the “narrator” complaining that a security guard took his iPhone (0:30). Yeah, capitalism sucks!

According to this blog:

According to the Twitter feed of @kade_ellis, chants included, “hey hey, Ho ho! Israeli apartheid’s got to go!,” “long live the intifada! Intifada intifada!,” “not another nickel! Not another dime! No more money for Israel’s crimes!,” and “Viva viva Palestina!”


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  • walt kovacs

    they were trespassing on israeli territory

    why wasnt that guard stomping their asses into the ground?

  • Boston12GS

    nds good to us.”
    Don’t these Occupy Boston protestors find it demeaning to be treated like little, cranky children?

    Police: “Hey, this is private property, we’ll let you act out for 15 minutes, then we start making arrests.”

    Protestor: “OK, officer, sou
    Police: “And don’t bother any other private property tonight.”

    Protestor: “Yes, daddy.”

    Gag. How sad. The only thing more pathetic than being a top-20% protestor is being a child-like top-20% protestor.

    Did they take the “short bus” over to the embassy, or did their chaperone’s “let” them walk the half a dozen blocks there “all by themselves”?

  • Yamba de pukn honeyant, bruz

    Obama supports them.

    Pelosi blesses them.

    This is what the foot-soldiers and fellow travelers of the Democratic party look like- shrieking, demanding, Jew-haters who want your money.

    I can only hope, that with my donation, they remain in situ all the way up to November 2012.

  • Zimriel

    why wasnt that guard stomping their asses into the ground?

    I guess there wasn’t room for a Caterpillar in the lobby. Yeah, I should denounce myself

  • hutch1200

    ONG! What restraint on the Jews part. As Biden would say “3 words, Rachel Corrie”
    BTW..why do they go after the check cashers Gold/sachs/aig/Isreal/etc..(no GM/Chrysler, unions ya know)instead of the guy w/the checkbook, barry? I know they’re braindead, but even the unions are getting nibbled @ by barry.

  • Jim from Iowa

    Gulp. I’ve been defending “Occupy Wall Street” as mostly about economic justice, but these knuckleheads are playing into the hands of the critics from the Right. As a pro-Israel Lefty, I oppose this demonstration and encourage other “Occupiers” to distance themselves from them. If you’re looking for a silver lining here, I at least didn’t hear anyone shout “Death to Israel.”

    • Shy Guy

      They’re not playing, knucklehead.

      And the vast majority of them have shown themselves to be the dregs of society.

      Nice to see you clinging to them. No surprise there.

      • Jim from Iowa

        Wait a minute. I was under the impression you had turned a page in your life and had committed to advancing your arguments in a warmer and friendlier manner. Granted, the term “knucklehead” is a big improvement for you, and, I’m not offended by that term, but still….time for an IsraellyCool group hug?

    • mzk1

      Let’s shoot these people!

      No, no, you’ll play into the hands of the right!

  • juvanya

    I heard the not another nickel one in NY once. Very catchy.

    • mzk1

      Not another nickel for their student loans.

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  • oodee

    i’ve seen deluded people but these are like… how do you even start a conversation with such people whose knowledge of facts and of what apartheid is seems to be completely absent?

  • YY

    The Occupy movement is generally right about Wall Street, etc., but unfortunately because it is made up of leftists, most of them are going to be anti-Israel. I think the left is correct (factually and morally) on most issues, but in every generation there is one main thing they are wrong about. In the last generation they were wrong about communism (thinking it harmless and not worth fighting). In this generation they’re wrong about Israel and the Palestinians (swallowing all the lies of the Palestinian propagandists).

    Let’s hope the Occupy people stay clear of the Israel issue as much as possible, and stay on task with their domestic economic critique.

    • Shy Guy

      YY says:
      November 7, 2011 at 2:54 am

      The Occupy movement is generally right about Wall Street, etc.

      No they’re not. They’re off their rockers.

  • soloman4israel

    seem like the very morons who would like to see the back of dave
    total age of those gathered 300 years
    total brain age- – – – – – – – – – 6 months

  • Shy Guy

    Jim from Iowa says:
    November 6, 2011 at 12:13 pm

    As a pro-Israel Lefty, I oppose this demonstration and encourage other “Occupiers” to distance themselves from them.

    Distance yourself further.

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