Still Occupied With Jew Hatred

I’m beginning to think they are not too fond of Jews at these Occupy protests.

First up, at Occupy Wall Street, we have an angry man who rants against Israel and, in the process, attracts the attention (and presumably earns the respect) of an Arab television crew.

Next up, we have another angry man, who in the course of a nonsensical diatribe, does a lousier job than the first angry man at hiding his distaste of Jews.

Finally, at Occupy DC, we have an antisemite who is appropriately dressed as a zombie.

(hat tip for Occupy Wall Street videos: Urban Infidel)

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  • juvanya

    2nd guy is more of a jackhole than an antisemite. And he does make a good point about the welfare whore haredi (sorry z) here and in Israel. Theres some town in upstate NY that has the income level of a third world country and like 2/3 of the residents are in poverty all because its more important to study made up rabbi laws in the Talmud all day than work for your daily bread. They arent Jews; theyre lazy slobs that should be cut off and starved to death.

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