Zionist Death P0rn


From the makers of the Zionist Death BootyTM comes our  latest weapon: Zionist Death P0rnTM

Khaled,” a young man of 26, is sitting now in prison, on charges of treason and collaboration with hostile parties, and may be sentenced to death…

I lived in a regular family environment. Like many people here, one of my friends taught me how to use the Internet and research methods – I wish he never taught me that … I used the Internet to search for vice and pornography sites … And sit for long hours in front of the computer… I kept a lot of porn sites and shared them among my friends and acquaintances; I was nicknamed the “King of pornographic sites.” Many of my friends would trying to get video clips … And I would give them free of charge…

Soon I began to feel bored and wanted to find a new way to satisfy my desires, so I started to learn how to chat, not any chat but the pornography chat … I bought a camera and mike in order to enter these sites and I was not sensitive to anything, and begun to recognize the girls and talk to them directly to video and audio … One of the girls was called “JUNIEN” and chose to be my friend …I began to sit with her ??for more than four hours a day in front of the camera .. “JUNIEN” said she lives in “Haifa” and was 22-years-old , and she likes pornography … our relationship had continued for more than 4 days, and she asked me to take off my clothes and I imagine her in front of the camera doing so as well … I did not hesitate much before the request and did what she asked me … …She asked for my mobile phone number … I gave it her and she actually started calling me and talking in a way quite pornographic … A few days later called me and told me that the director in the company which manages the pornography site will call me to coordinate a meeting with me … so I was pleased and waited contact and he actually called me …

He was disrespectful to me, laughing and telling me about some of the footage that I made ??in front of the camera and I’m naked, and told me that he will post it and it will bring many visitors and viewers … I refused so strongly … And here began the bargaining. He said to me, and I quote: “You are an Arab looking for pornography, and I need intelligence information on terrorists” … I was struck by this sentence did not know what to do and closed the phone directly … He contacted me again and said to me, “Khaled, We know a lot about you” …. He began to recall information about me and my family and my friends and my place of residence and some details of my life … much to my surprise. He continued, “We do not want serious information from you … You live in a border area and know that the terrorists come to shoot the rocket fire on us and this causes the killing of innocent people … We want only when you see anyone approaching the area that you call me directly and we will take care of them “. .

I told him immediately, “You want me to become a spy” … He was laughing and said “no .. you help us all and protect your family and friends of these terrorists,” I answered him: “Find someone else, I will not be a spy”, there was more laughing and he said “I will take you over” JUNIEN, “and I will post your video in half an hour” .. . Then I surrendered to him and told him will contact you … then I could not find “JUNIEN,” and I discovered that I became an agent and I can not go back …

I started to contact an officer of intelligence with the nickname “Abu Musa,” and told him about a movement of resistance fighters in the region, and I noticed “drone” reconnaissance planes at the same time … I continued like this for more than 3 years and he was communicating with me always has sent me some money and an Orange chip… In a few days I called “Abu Musa,” to tell him about people about to launch a rocket .. And moments later I heard a big explosion and knew then that it was from them targeting the insurgents and the death of a number of them and wounding others .. After this incident I have been arrested and now I reap what planted….

No doubt, the young unsuspecting Khaled got into p0rn as a result of Zionist Sex Gum.TM

(hat tip: EoZ)

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