SOB Refers To “Brothers of Whores”


Only weeks after US President Barack Obama and French President Nicolas Sarkozy fell prey to its powers, the humble microphone has claimed it’s latest victim.


Hundreds of Palestinian civil servants called Tuesday for the labor minister to be fired after he made disparaging remarks about government workers.

Ahmed Majdalani has been under fire after remarks he made about government workers, calling them “brothers of whores,” were accidentally broadcast live on Palestinian local radio on Thursday.

Majdalani made the comments after an interview with Rayya FM, apparently unaware that the radio microphone was still on.

He has since apologized and denied he was referring to government employees, claiming his remarks were in reference to Israel and its measures in the West Bank.

But the incident has angered civil servants and the Palestinian workers union, prompting calls for this resignation.

I love his attempt to claim by “brothers of whores” he was referring to Israel.

But, alas, everyone knows we are instead the “sons of apes and pigs.”

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