Lighting Up A Kindle Fire With A Touch Of Icon


Brian of London here again with one of his far too infrequent technology posts. I received a couple of new Amazon Kindles over the last week or two. I’ve not yet opened the Kindle Fire, which is touted as a $200 iPad competitor. I have opened up my new Kindle Touch which replaces my very old first generation Kindle.

The Kindle Touch is distinct from something like an iPad because it has the eInk display. This is not a display that lights up or glows, it is completely passive. That means you can’t read it in the dark but need some light shining on the page, just like a real book. It also means that the device is not blasting light into your eyes directly.

Anyway you can read more about these products on the Amazon site. I’m just giving you two nice pictures that you can use as Disk Icons if you’re on a Mac. I did this before from some Crucial SSDs.

To set your own nice disk icons on your Mac, the easiest way is to use a little piece of freeware called “Set Icon”. I’ve attached suitable png images of the Kindle Touch and Kindle Fire to this post. Download those png files (click on them, they’re big) and use the Set Icon program to drop them on your device.

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