Press TV, We Hardly Knew You


Actually, we knew enough about you, and let’s just say we are not sad about this latest development.

Iran’s state TV broadcaster was taken off air in the UK today after Britain’s media regulator revoked its licence in a move likely to fan diplomatic tensions with the Islamic Republic.
Ofcom ruled that Press TV, whose presenters include former MP George Galloway and Tony Blair’s sister-in-law Lauren Booth, failed to declare that Tehran rather than London was its editorial base when it was granted the licence.

The watchdog said it was apparent that ‘editorial control of the channel rested with Press TV International (based in Tehran)’.

Press TV was also fined £100,000 after broadcasting an interview with a journalist while they were being held in an Iranian prison, which Ofcom said was ‘obtained under duress’.
Ofcom said Press TV had ‘indicated it is unwilling and unable to pay’ the fine.

The move is likely to stoke further anger in Iran after Britain shut the country’s embassy in London and expelled all its staff in November in retaliation at protesters who stormed the British embassy in the Iranian capital.

Venting his anger, Mr Galloway tweeted today: ‘Champions of liberty the British govt have now taken Press TV off Sky.’

Press TV itself is predictably seething..and blaming you-know-who! (hat tip: Gaia)

I wonder what Lauren Booth is going to do now. I hear she really needed her Press TV salary.

Dickie Sliverstein adds: I have it from an Israeli source that the Mossad is indeed behind the demise of Press TV. Damn racist Israelis!

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