Drew The Jew?

Yesterday, I blogged that Hollywood actor Liam Neeson is considering converting to Islam.

Now comes news that Hollywood actress Drew Barrymore  is considering converting to Judaism (hat tip: Brian of London).


"ET..phone home. Failing that, please send an SMS. You know I tend to worry when I don't hear back from you, maidele"

If the Web buzz is to be believed, Drew Barrymore, the pigtailed ET princess turned Hollywood bad girl turned heavyweight producer and megawatt star, is set to take on a new role: that of a Jew.

According to several gossip sites, including PerezHilton.com and Zap2it.com, Barrymore was planning to convert to Judaism in order to marry her fiance, art consultant Will Kopelman. Her hubby-to-be is the son of former Chanel CEO Arie Kopelman.

Web blogger Perez Hilton, AKA Mario Lavanderia, reported Thursday that Barrymore has even reached out to a very famous Jewish face for some guidance — “Hannukah Song” funny-man Adam Sandler.

“He’s even helping her with the process of converting to Judaism. Those two absolutely adore each other, so it only made sense to Drew that he will be right by her side playing an important role at her wedding,” a source quoted on Hilton’s blog said.

Barrymore’s ring finger has seen its share of diamonds; her engagement to Kopelman marks the fifth time she has said “yes.” She was first engaged, and then married, to Leland Hayward at the age of 16. After that relationship dissolved a few months later, she married bartender Jeremy Thomas, divorcing him after only two months.

In 2001, she married comedian Tom Green, but that relationship also ended in divorce within a matter of months. From 2002-2007, Barrymore was hot and heavy with The Strokes drummer Fabrizio Moretti, and after they split, she was in a highly-public pairing with Justin Long, which was on and off for a period of two years.

Barrymore began dating Kopelman about a year ago, and they announced their engagement earlier this month.

Barrymore already has one Jewish relative to turn to for support throughout her conversion process: her godfather, Steven Spielberg.

Who knows? Perhaps in over 13 years, the below scene will play out for real.

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  • soloman4israel

    oh no.
    i’m scared to make a comment on this one,as our good friend ziontruth,may come back with words i have to look up.

    • ziontruth

      I’m really that pompous? :) I didn’t intend to be. Aw, shucks, y’all know I ain’t broken no ties with the common folk jes’ cuz I spent a few years larning in college! ;)

      • Jim from Iowa

        I wouldn’t say pompous, but maybe a bit too solemn and foreboding. This subject seems more in Shy Guy’s wheelhouse in the context of “Jew/Not a Jew” authenticity. If only I were empowered to decide who is and isn’t a real IsraellyCool reader.

        • ziontruth

          “I wouldn’t say pompous,…”

          Soloman was referring to my use of the word “antithetical” in the Liam Neeson thread, so I think it was about pomposity.

          “…but maybe a bit too solemn and foreboding. This subject seems more in Shy Guy’s wheelhouse in the context of ‘Jew/Not a Jew’ authenticity.”

          Let’s just say I’m as obsessed about Zionism, Israel’s borders, the post-colonial narrative of the anti-Zionists, the influence of Marxist ideas on politics and other such things the same way you’re obsessed about Glenn Beck, Newt Gingrich, the American Right, questions of theopolitics, Fox News etc.

          I don’t hold it against you that you’re obsessed, it’s about the content of your obsessions, which often run diametrically opposed to mine. It’s like the complaint I have regarding Richard Silverstein: Not so much about his behavior on his own forum—though there’s plenty to say in that department—but more about the side he’s on. I make no bones about it, I’m wholly partisan; not being a mentsh on the Intarwebs bothers me far less than playing for the other team (whether one is actually on the other team or just voices points that are typical for the other team, such as the idea that Jewish “settlements” are an obstacle to peace).

          • Jim from Iowa

            There is at least one thing that differentiates Richard Silverstein and myself. Silverstein hates Israel and I have a deep love for our close ally and friend. I know I’ve been accused repeatedly of being anti-Israel on this site. That just goes with the territory in some circles. My strong conviction is to promote the politics of the possible not the perfect. For this I am criticized as well. But that’s ok, too, as long as we can have a constructive dialogue on what is best for Israel.

            • ziontruth

              “I know I’ve been accused repeatedly of being anti-Israel on this site.”

              I don’t think I’ve ever accused you of being anti-Israel in my sober moments (what I’ve said under the influence of anger… well, good reason why I’d better stay off the computer at those times). But I don’t like things such as saying Israel’s borders should be reduced, no matter who makes them. Townhall.com’s cartoonist Steven Breen once had a cartoon where he juxtaposed an Arab suicide-murderer with a Jewish builder working on a house, clearly establishing an equivalence between the two as “obstacles to peace.” Now, Breen is a right-wing cartoonist and Townhall.com is an American conservative venue, but I didn’t care one tiny bit, the cartoon had me seething in rage.

              “But that’s ok, too, as long as we can have a constructive dialogue on what is best for Israel.”

              OK, but I keep telling you, in Israel itself this dialog has been done to death. Belief in land concessions is nowhere near popular as it once was, and a third intifada (as suggested by an Islamic Jihad leader, see recent thread) would make it as dead as a doornail.

              Also, I think we can have a constructive dialog on what’s best for America as well. When I rail against the prevalence of racial accusations in America politics, I do so because it is my belief this is not a good course for America to go. I’m no Gingrich Groupie or Beck Booster, but I loathe casual accusations of racism no matter who they’re leveled at.

              • Jim from Iowa

                I haven’t made it a matter of academic scholarship, but I am familiar with Newt Gingrich’s political life. Any interest in American politics would make this unavoidable. It is not a casual observation to note Newt’s employment of wedge issues, race being pre-eminent (other favorites: the Left is unpatriotic; Democrats are vaguely “unAmerican”; the Left is out of touch and over-educated elite snobs ) Gingrich is a policy wonk but his politics are strictly from the gutter and bad for our country.

        • Shy Guy

          Not Jew.

      • soloman4israel

        i am sorry if you thought my comment meant that you are/wer’e pompous it was not intended it was my form of a joke nothing more,i am fairly aware of the english understanding of the word as i have met quite a few who just by their manner let alone any-thing else the term fits very well,not just in western society either.
        my english speaking is counted as very good it’s one of the reasons that i was able to do the job in europe as english was needed,soon to end as i am soon going home for good,my spelling lets me down i know this and also putting the correct full stops and other things in the correct places is still a mystery to me,and only once here has some-one though to advise me of it.
        “please do not think my comment to you was any-thing but friendly,when i make comments i try to do my best to speak in simple form because this is better for me,but please you must be your-self just in future put page refrences to that i can look up.
        very best wishes.
        ah before i leave in the morning for a 2-3 days i have left you a true story related to salman rushdie,on that page.

        • ziontruth

          Shavua Tov Soloman.

          I didn’t take offense at your comment, it just took me by surprise. I try not to be overly pompous, bombastic, dramatic etc. in my writings, but people can unconsciously slip up on those things, and so I realized, following your comment, that I’d better watch myself a little before I really do degenerate into those high school and college year-end speakers I’ve always so despised for their blowhardery.

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