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About That Viral Photo Of An “IDF Soldier” Standing On A “Palestinian Girl”

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The following photo, purportedly of an IDF soldier standing on a palestinian girl, has been going viral on Facebook and other social media.

Many already suspected this not to be the case, since that is not what an IDF uniform looks like, and the weapon – a Kalashnikov AK47 – is not IDF issue. Plus the IDF already denied its authenticity last year, after an investigation.

But in order to put this libel to rest once and for all, I can confirm the photo is not of an IDF soldier and palestinian girl. Rather, it is of actors playing an IDF soldier and palestinian girl during street theater in Bahrain, taken in December 2009 (hat tip: EoZ)

If you come across this pernicious lie, you can now point people to the truth.

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