About That Viral Photo Of An “IDF Soldier” Standing On A “Palestinian Girl”

The following photo, purportedly of an IDF soldier standing on a palestinian girl, has been going viral on Facebook and other social media.

Many already suspected this not to be the case, since that is not what an IDF uniform looks like, and the weapon – a Kalashnikov AK47 - is not IDF issue. Plus the IDF already denied its authenticity last year, after an investigation.

But in order to put this libel to rest once and for all, I can confirm the photo is not of an IDF soldier and palestinian girl. Rather, it is of actors playing an IDF soldier and palestinian girl during street theater in Bahrain, taken in December 2009 (hat tip: EoZ)

If you come across this pernicious lie, you can now point people to the truth.

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An Aussie immigrant to Israel, Aussie Dave is founder of Israellycool, one of the world's most popular pro-Israel blogs (and the one you are currently reading) He is a happy family man, and a lover of steak, Australian sports and girlie drinks


  • http://jumpingthezionistshark.wordpress.com/ Zionist Shark

    Beat me to it! Nice job. Speed is important in these types of blood-libel situations (“A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes.” – Twain), so kudos for posing this quickly.

    • http://www.israellycool.com/ Aussie Dave

      It is amazing how many times I have seen this libel. At least I have links to the source, thanks to Elder.

  • http://www.israellycool.com/ Aussie Dave

    Come to think of it, who wants to send the photo to Silverstein and see how quickly he posts it? :)

    • http://jumpingthezionistshark.wordpress.com/ Zionist Shark

      Looking forward to DB™ applying his patented pretzel logic (as witnessed in the recent DroneGate™ http://www.israellycool.com/2012/01/31/the-backflip/), to prove that it was actually the Mossad operative, dressed up as a Bahraini street theater performer, dressed up as an IDF soldier.

      It’s TOO perfect.

      • http://www.israellycool.com/ Aussie Dave

        Reminds me of the “logic” of a famous character played by another anti-Israel buffoon, Wallace Shawn:

        • http://jumpingthezionistshark.wordpress.com/ Zionist Shark

          WAIT ‘TIL I GET GOING!!!!

  • Jim from Iowa

    This is why this site is worth its weight in macaroons. The moist kind with the chocolate drizzled on top. I’d kill for one right now.

    • http://www.israellycool.com/ Aussie Dave

      If you do, just don’t blame it on the IDF.

  • Shy Guy

    According to the previous article, they’re stepping into their own sh*t.

  • http://anneinpt.wordpress.com anneinpt

    I just received an email about this today from my brother, asking how we can refute this lie.

    Kol hakavod to all you bloggers on digging out the truth.

  • soloman4israel

    this i’m sure was posted here months ago and received comments? what has taken the high speed web so long and has/did receive plenty of attention at the time.
    even though it did not pop up in archive search here.

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  • Musthafa Kamal

    What the IDF is doing in Palestine could have been dramatized in the Bahrain? I don’t think so the reality and this drama has no difference.

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  • Dani

    Although now that I see the whole picture, I can tell it is staged, I also know, from first hand experience that Israeli soldiers regularly point weapons such as M16s at children and other innocent people. I saw it with my own eyes. So sure, discredit the photo. It is staged, but what it depicts is very real.