Fatah & Hamas Slam Palestinian Authority Security Forces


Yesterday,  I reported on the arrests of two journalists who made comments critical of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas. In addition, I reported on the recent comments of Mohammad Dahlan regarding the expulsion of Samir Mashharawi from Fatah. In my report on Dahlan’s comments, I noted that he had sent a letter calling on members of the Palestinian Legislative Council to condemn “what is happening regarding the flagrant violations of the law and the Palestinian judiciary by the President.”

Al-Quds Al-Arabi is now reporting that three Fatah officials (Naima Sheikh Ali, Majid Abu Shamala, and Alaa Yaghi), originally from Gaza, now based in the West Bank, have slammed the recent activity of the Palestinian Authority security forces.

The three Fatah officials slammed the security forces for “waging a campaign of harassment and prosecution against Fatah members who sought refuge in the West Bank after Hamas’ takeover of the Gaza Strip.” According to the Fatah officials, Palestinian security forces recently kidnapped one of their associates. During the kidnapping, the security forces reportedly used two cars with Israeli plates.

Fatah is not alone in its condemnation of the Palestinian Authority security forces. On Wednesday, Hamas slammed them for arresting five Hamas members near Nablus. One of those arrested was a teacher, who Hamas says was only arrested because of his political affiliation.

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