Well, That Didn’t Take Long

On Wednesday, in the wake of the soccer-related deaths in Egypt, I tweeted the following:

The very next day, Elder of Ziyon and MEMRI were kind enough to show everyone that Zionist Shark is not only Zionist, but also clairvoyant.

EoZ: Egyptian MP blames soccer deaths on – well, you know who.


Aww yeah! I win the Irrational, Conspiracist, Blame-the-Zionists-for-What-Ails-Your-Country-Internally pool! W00t!

Who has 12 fins (most sharks have 8, but my crafty, clever, evil Zionist overlords engineered 4 secret ones) and called it as it was unfolding?

THIS shark!

Of course, I’m probably tooting my horn a little much here. After all, this kind of thing happens so often, it was really low-hanging fruit, wasn’t it?

Anyhoo…since you’re already here and all, wanna play Spot the Evil Zionist with me?

Do you see any Zionists here?
Here?How ’bout here?

About Zionist Shark

Zionist Shark (not his real name) is just your average evil Zionist Shark, exposing the moral imbecility of the anti-Israel feeding frenzy. He also shares his short-form Zionist rantings on Twitter - @ZionistShark

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Well, That Didn’t Take Long | Jumping the Zionist Shark
05 February 2012 at 7:02am
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  • juvanya

    The guy in the video looks like Bibi.

  • Jim from Iowa

    Here’s another prediction: the sun will come up in the East tomorrow. But who am I to dampen such a spirited prediction, given in such a wonderfully insouciant manner? You reveal the irrational and stupid thoughts of Jew-hating morons in a vivid and entertaining way, and for this you are a man among men, er, I mean a fish among other sea creatures, or something.

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