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Singer/songwriter Cat Power has decided to boycott Israel.

Which is not surprising considering his conversion to Islam and very anti-Israel views.

Update: It seems I was confused. Cat Power is some female singer I have never heard of.

..who produces music like this:


So I can’t say I’m personally devastated.

And apparently, she’s felt “sick in her spirit” for quite a while.

Cat Power and another person who looks “well educated” on the Middle East

Marshall has been praised for her soulful vocals and raw, minimalist guitar playing. Cat Power’s concert appearances were unconventional and unpredictable for many years, and critics often called her an erratic live act. Marshall faced substance abuse problems which she said affected her performances..


Marshall’s live shows have been known for their unpolished nature, with songs beginning and ending abruptly or blending into one another without clear transitions. She has also cut short performances without explanation. On some occasions this has been put down to her suffering from stage fright and the influence of alcohol.


By the turn of the century, Marshall’s live performances had become erratic and unpredictable, with The New Yorker suggesting, “It is foolhardy to describe a Cat Power event as a concert,” citing “rambling confessions” and “[talking] to a friend’s baby from the stage.” Marshall later attributed this period to a drinking problem, telling HARP magazine in 2006 “I didn’t know I was messed up.” Marshall has admitted abusing alcohol in the past; in a 2006 interview with The New York Times, she declared herself to be sober, which she defined as having had “seven drinks in seven months.”

Following the cancellation of the arranged tour of “The Greatest” album in 2006, Marshall used the hiatus to recover from what she described as a “psychotic break,” brought on by mental exhaustion and alcohol abuse, which had left her feeling suicidal. As part of her recovery, she was admitted to the psychiatric ward at Miami’s Mount Sinai Medical Center but left after a week, stating “being in there wasn’t me.” She later likened the experience to “a pit of hell.” Marshall gave a first person account of her breakdown in an interview for the November 2006 issue of Spin.

Now don’t get me wrong. I am most certainly notmocking mental illness, and I hope Cat Power finds some peace

She’s just not going to promote it by blaming Israel.

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