Shit The Shits Say Zionists Say

A group of leading Israel bashers has contributed the following to the “Shit xxx say” meme.

My initial thoughts:

  • I’ve almost never seen a more wretched hive of scum and villainy
  • While the whole thing’s truly classy (not), it’s particularly classy to mock Israelis feeling unsafe
  • Max Blumenthal, that’s hell of a zit on the side of your face

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The Fink Calls BS On BDS : Israellycool
14 February 2012 at 8:02pm
[...] the BDSholes can get inspiration for their next video Shit Our Ally Is Saying ...

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  • Brian of London

    Can’t we just put another Victoria’s Secret model on the post anyway?

  • mike belman

    That is one ugly mug, I can see why she is so angry. What is the message here? Its very confusing. Whats the deal with purple hair and why is that lady talking so strange. Is she a Long Island Valley girl?

  • Asher in Austin

    Funny, but seeing as how Israel bashers misdefine everything from Apartheid to Zionism, nothing they say ever should be taken seriously.

    Especially the shit the Israel-bashers say:

    “I’m not anti-Semitic. Arabs are Semites.”
    “I’m not anti-Semitic. I’m anti-Zionist.”
    “I’m not anti-Semitic. I just don’t think Jews should live in Jerusalem.”
    “How dare those Jews build a 3000 year old temple underneath a 700 year old mosque!”
    “How dare Israel send sharks to eat German tourists in Egypt.”
    “How dare Israel stop missiles through war.”
    “How dare Israel cause cancer patients to die 2 hours before they actually die because they built a wall to stop suicide bombers.”
    “How dare Israel stop suicide bombers!”
    “How dare Israel not kill themselves for my own sanity.”
    “Where’s my Congressman? Why is he supporting AIPAC?”\
    “OPEC loves me.”
    “Hizbullah loves me.”
    “Hamas loves me.”
    “Bashir Assad is a Zionist tool.”
    “The Syrian resistance is a Zionist tool!”
    “The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt loves me.”
    “I can’t be part of the Klan. I love Arabs!”
    “Arabs are dark skinned. Jews are white skinned. I’m not a racist!!”
    “Arabs are trustworthy. Jews are not trustworthy! I’m not a racist!!!”
    “Arabs believe in peace. Jews believe in war. I’m not a racist!!!!!”
    “My professor has formulated my opinion about Israel.”
    “The Jews own the media. The Jews own the banks. The Jews own the oil importers.”
    “Judaism isn’t a race, so I’m not a racist!!!!!!!”

    I can go on, but I first need to vomit.

  • Jim from Iowa

    What you really need to know from their side is if they believe Israel has a right to exist. Even this fundamental question is hard for most of them to answer, because deep, deep, down inside of them, they really don’t believe that Israel does have the right to exist.

  • juvanya

    I saw that crazy cunt Sherry Wolf speak once. She is absolutely an antisemite. Dont even get me started…

    • juvanya

      She probably takes out her insecurity about being bullied in her youth by lashing out at Israel. I will give her credit as a speaker: shes very persuasive if you dont know much about the conflict. But she is also easy to batter back down to size.

  • shep
    • Aussie Dave


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