Challah Hu Akbar Is Going Home

One week after I “retired” from blogging, Aussie Dave emailed me and asked whether I “would consider being a casual contributor to Israellycool?”

I pushed the offer off for quite some time and then decided to give it a go. I have blogged here for just under a month, however, I have recently decided to return to my own blog. My focus will remain on the Arabic press, though, I will also cover major events and other things that spark my interest.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here and appreciate all the support. I’d like to thank Aussie Dave for getting me back into blogging, despite the fact that he says that he “won’t take credit for that. I knew you couldn’t quit the habit!”

I hope you all will add my blog to your daily reading and follow me on Twitter and Like me on Facebook.


About Challah Hu Akbar

Challah Hu Akbar has been providing Fresh Baked Middle East Nonsense since 2010. Challah "retired" from blogging in October 2011, but has remained a twitter enthusiast. Like Challah Hu Akbar on Facebook.

Facebook Comments

  • Zionist Shark

    You’re leaving?

    But…but… I’m almost done recording my Israellycool version of “We’re the three best friends that anyone could have”.

    I was gonna call it… “We’re the FOUR best friends that anyone could have” (see what I did there?).

    In all seriousness, tzetchem l’shalom & vaya con dios. I’m a big fan of your work, and will be following your online exploits with great interest.

    See you on the Twitter. 8)

  • juvanya

    So many blogs, so little time.

  • Ya’akov Siepman

    Welcome back to you own blog greetings Ya’akov

  • Shy Guy

    הפרשת חלה


  • Aussie Dave

    Run like the wind!

  • Brian of London

    Splitter! Go back to the People’s Front for Judea if you must!

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