Cake Or Death?

Islamic Jihad leader Khader Adnan is No Boy Scout. Below is but one of the many instances where Adnan was identified as an Islamic Jihad leader, senior figure, or spokesman:

The Islamic Jihad Movement issued a press release stating that soldiers broke into the home of Sheikh Khader Adnan, a political leader of the movement

And yet, according to the predictably supportive-of-Jew-killing-terrorists Red-Green Alliance, he didn’t need to be a boy scout since he is a baker, which is apparently just as noble.

So…is that all it takes, then? As long as you have some kind of profession, you’re immune from the repercussions that come from being the leader of a terrorist organization? Or is it just purveyors of pita and pastry?

Well, let’s take this latest useful idiot theory out for a test drive, by checking out some of other infamous terrorists, broken out by profession:


Whoa, big group. I think all y’all forgot about the obscure don’t-be-a-murderer clause of the Hippocratic Oath.

Oh by the way, will the last one who still thinks terrorism is the result of poverty please turn out the lights?

Higher Education

Science & Engineering



Culinary Arts

The man of the hour. So which is it, Khader, cake or death?


Hey, I wonder if Khader bakes black & white cookies? I’m told they can create peace on earth, which I’m sure is all this humble baker really wants out of life. Look to the cookie, Khader. Look to the cookie.

BREAKING: According to the Wikipedia entry, Adnan sells not only baked goods, but also produce. Holy crap! He’s a greengrocer, too? How could a man who stands behind his fruit possibly be a terrorist? WE ARE ALL BAKER/GREENGROCER/ALL-AROUND SWELL GUY KHADER ADNAN!

Beauty School Dropout

  • Samir Kuntar – PLF/Hezbollah – Dropped out of school at age 14. Well, there’s always one murderous scumbag in every bunch who brings down the curve for the rest. Poor, stupid Samir.

Well, I’m convinced. Simply having a job really does seem to make these terrorists so much kindler and/or gentler.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to start a multi-state crime spree. Better make sure I bring enough business cards.

(h/t @HarelDan on Twitter)

UPDATE: Relevant video: “Khader Adnan: Leader of Islamic jihad or innocent baker?”

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  • Jim from Iowa

    That was a silly argument to make and you’ve demonstrated that point in an entertaining way. But isn’t it just as silly to say that because the Government has decided you have engaged in terroristic acts then you can be imprisoned without charges or trial? I don’t trust my government to have this power and I would hope Israelis would feel the same way.

    • ziontruth

      You might have a point if this were an Israeli citizen, but he isn’t.

      • Jim from Iowa

        Western democracies, along with Soviet Russia, decided to put the worst of the worst Nazis on trial for war crimes. Why can’t we live up to their example? Didn’t the Nazis pose at least as much of a threat to our way of life as today’s Islamists?

        • Norman B.

          Israel did the same with Adolf Eichmann and imposed capital punishment for the only time in its history. However, as an alternative, these terrorists can also be treated as prisoners of war, in which case they can be held indefinitely without trial until a treaty or surrender resolves their status.

          • Kaylee

            The ability to think like that is alywas a joy to behold

        • Shy Guy

          The Allies and the Russians summarily executed enemy agents not in uniform, as per the Geneva convention.

          Israel should have started doing this over half a century ago.

          • Jim from Iowa

            And then God will sort out the guilty from the innocent in the afterlife. Is that your idea of a just society, Shy Guy? I want Israelis to be safe and for your government to take all reasonable steps to make this happen. But indefinite administrative detention with secret judicial oversight doesn’t seem the way to live up to the ideals of a free and just society. I just don’t trust the government that much. I thought conservatives like you trusted the government even less than I do. What gives?

            • Shy Guy

              OK, thanks for dissing the Geneva Convention. Good idea.

              Yes, dispatching terrorists with a bullet to the head and saving taxpayer money is my idea to a very just society.

              G-d said we’re supposed to sort them out. The problem is we aren’t.

              • Jim from Iowa

                I admit that I’m not all that familiar with the finer points of the Geneva Convention, but I’m pretty sure it doesn’t support any government detaining and/or killing anyone they identify as a terrorist. Again, you have far too much trust in your government to implement this policy in secret and with inadequate judicial oversight. There were individuals who we now know were detained in Afghanistan and then transported to Guantanamo on the evidence of highly-suspect individuals with a personal or political grudge. This not the kind of justice we want in our countries.

        • Zionist Shark

          Big difference is that Nuremberg was about past crimes, however monstrous. Administrative detention is about preventing imminent attacks while more evidence is gathered.

          Of course that kind of thing can be abused, but in Israel’s case, it’s a vibrant liberal democracy with an independent judiciary that often rules against the government and military.

          Far too many people & nations are telling Israel what we can’t do, but without saying what we can. You’d think it was in the interest of other democracies threatened by Islamic (or other) terrorism, to put our heads together and develop realistic strategies to deal with problems like terrorist/bakers and rockets fired from civilian areas.

          But instead, they sit back while Israel plays the role of canary in the coal mine, waiting to pounce with their condemnations while Israel tries to do the tightrope walk alone, without offering any suggestions about how to protect our citizens.

          • ziontruth

            Well put, Zionist Shark. I didn’t know what exactly I found so offensive with Jim’s comments on this case, but you just brought it into relief: The armchair preaching, the barrage of platitudes uttered from the comfort of one’s safe American home to those confronted with the daily reality of brutal, savage, merciless Islamic imperialist aggression.

            I wanted to tell Jim to shut up, but it would have come out as nothing more than one of my moods. Your post puts the case forth much better.

            • Jim from Iowa

              You’d know something about preaching, not me. And I don’t think you’re all that concerned about how we, our two nations, can continue to make our democracies work under the challenges of terrorists who want to take advantage of our open societies. Finally, explain to me how exactly you would handle the Adnan case: put him on trial as I would suggest; detain without any charges and then cave in to international pressure as your government is about to do; or shoot him in the head like Shy Guy proposes?

              • ziontruth

                “You’d know something about preaching, not me.”

                Why “either/or”? I think we’re bothy preachy types. Your USrightwingermania and my Marxistmania are easily matched.

                “…how we, our two nations, can continue to make our democracies work under the challenges of terrorists who want to take advantage of our open societies.”

                I’m concerned, I just think the finger should be pointed the right way, and suggestions be made from a viewpoint other than that of the Star Wars prequel trilogy. Yes, I know it’s tempting to quote that sentence, “So this is how liberty dies—with thunderous applause,” but there’s the slight difference that the war in Episodes II and III of Star Wars was conspiratorially engineered (an inside job) while here the situation is truly imperialist aggression coming from without.

                “Finally, explain to me how exactly you would handle the Adnan case”

                I think I’ve told you about a thousand times that I’d obviate any need for such a case by forcibly removing all the Arab colonial occupiers from within the entire Land of Israel. But you’ve always dismissed that as “crazy talk,” so kindly stop complaining when alternative ways of dealing with the terrorist threat are not to your liking either.

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  • Mark in Texas

    If you’ve read Gary Taubes’ book “Why We Get Fat”, you will be aware of the terrible toll in obesity, diabetes, heart disease, increased rates of cancer, alzheimers and even constipation that results from consuming sugar and white flour.

    That would suggest that the transition from killing innocent people with carbs to killing innocent people with bombs was merely a change in weapons.

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