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Back in January when Iranian nuclear scientist Mostafa Ahmadi Roshan Behdast was blown to kingdom come, douchebloggerTM Richard Silverstein went out of his way to portray the victim in the most sympathetic light.

Assassinated Iranian nuclear scientist, Mostafa Ahmadi Roshan with his now fatherless son (Fars)

In response to a particularly heartless link offered by a right-wing reader of this site showing the corpse of Iranian assassinated nuclear scientist, Mostafa Ahmadi Roshan, I wanted to feature this happier image of the man with his baby son. If I were a hacker or expert in the type of breaking and entering activities of the Mossad, I would plaster this image on every website page and in every office in Mossad headquarters. Not that it would cause a sudden attack of conscience for any of those responsible for Israel’s black ops war against Iran. They see themselves the way citizens of a particular European nation saw themselves during the last World War–loyal cogs doing their duty to their country.

But on the presumption that even state-sponsored killers are human beings, I’d like them to see the face of the man they’ve killed along with the now fatherless son his wife will now be forced to raise. I want Israeli nuclear scientists to see this image as well and think: “there but for the grace of God go I.” Again, very few Israelis will have the moral conscience to feel any of these emotions. For some reason, Israelis are particularly anesthetized to such introspection. But perhaps there are a few.

He also posted this in the comments:

The father of this boy was helping to build an atomic bomb

That’s a lie. You don’t know what this man was doing. Enriching uranium, which this man was responsible for can be used for many purposes. You’re also speculating about who the target of a non existent Iranian bomb would be.

So you’ve killed hundreds of Iranian based on two sets of speculations which are entirely unfounded. You & yr leaders deserve to go to the Hague for this. Some day you will. Or more correctly, you’re only guilty of gross insensitivity & immorality. Your government is actually responsible for the murders. They’re the ones who belong in the Hague.

Now comes word that this “family man” was dedicated to ensuring every family in Israel was eradicated.

The wife of Martyr Mostafa Ahmadi Roshan Behdast, who was assassinated by Mossad agents in Tehran in January, reiterated on Tuesday that her husband sought the annihilation of the Zionist regime wholeheartedly.

“Mostafa’s ultimate goal was the annihilation of Israel,” Fatemeh Bolouri Kashani told FNA on Tuesday.

Bolouri Kashani also underlined that her spouse loved any resistance figure in his life who was willing to fight the Zionist regime and supported the rights of the oppressed Palestinian nation.

Richard Silverstein has yet to comment on this revelation, but you can bet your bottom dollar there will be no retraction, apology nor any understanding displayed towards this deceased terrorist’s intended victims.

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