Israel Under Attack (Again)

Israel is once again under attack, with over 100 rockets fired at us since Friday, injuring at least four people. It could have been a lot worse: our Iron Dome missile defense system (designed to only intercept rockets identified as heading toward populated areas) intercepted 27 out of 30 rockets fired at Beersheba, Ashdod and Ashkelon.

The rockets were “in response” to Israel taking out two Popular Resistance Committee (PRC) terrorists (not in the “for dinner” sense), involved in planning a combined terror attack that was to take place via Sinai in the coming days.

Our IAF has been working overtime, killing 15 (at least 14 who are reportedly terrorists) in targeted strikes. These include 3 more PRC terrorists en-route to a rocket launcher.

Despite the fact that Israel targeted terrorists only, and the terrorists targeted Israeli civilians (over 500,000 of whom are at risk), the mainstream media has decided to feature images like these:

Gaza mourn terrorists

Palestinian relatives of Islamic Jihad militant Ahmad Hajaj mourn during his funeral in Gaza City, Saturday, March 10, 2012. The worst violence between Israel and the Gaza Strip in nearly a year entered its second day on Saturday, as Israeli aircraft killed 14 militants, according to Palestinian health officials. Militants responded by firing nearly 100 rockets, seriously wounding an Israeli civilian. (AP Photo/Adel Hana)

Gaza mourn terrorists

Palestinians react at a hospital following an Israeli air strike in Khan Younis in the southern Gaza Strip March 10, 2012. Israel killed four Gaza militants on Saturday as violence sparked by the death of a militant leader a day earlier escalated with gunmen firing more than 90 rockets at Israel, injuring four people, Israeli and Palestinian officials said. REUTERS/Ibraheem Abu Mustafa

Gaza mourn terrorists

Palestinian relatives of the Popular Resistance Committees leader Zuheir al-Qessi mourn during his funeral in Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip March 10, 2012. Israel killed four Gaza militants on Saturday as violence sparked by the death of a militant leader a day earlier escalated with gunmen firing more than 90 rockets at Israel, injuring four people, Israeli and Palestinian officials said. REUTERS/ Ibraheem Abu Mustafa

What you won’t find at the same mainstream media outlets are images or video showing the sheer terror faced by over 500,000 Israelis:

Nor the boasts of the terrorists, which not only reveal their desire to kill and maim as many as possible, but also explain how palestinian civilians end up getting hurt or killed:

An Islamic Jihad spokesman said Saturday the group was using a truck-mounted missile launcher to fire projectiles toward Israeli targets, producing a video as evidence of the technology.

Al-Quds Brigades spokesman Abu Ahmad said the group attached a logo on the truck “to prove we have a such a moveable launcher” despite Israeli claims to the contrary.

In the meantime, I recommend you visit the IDF blog. After years of blogs like Israellycool leading the way with these kinds of updates, the IDF has finally gotten their online act together.

We can now only hope they are allowed to get their real act together and take out the terrorist infrastructure once and for all.

Update: And let’s be clear: anti-Israel blogger Richard Silverstein characterizes the targeted killing of terrorists as “murder”:

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  • Jim from Iowa

    For what it’s worth, my impression of American coverage is pretty much, ho hum, more of the same cycle of violence in the Middle East. No real details or context is really necessary. But I’m a glass half-full kind of guy. In light of the IDF’s success in dispatching a number of terrorists, including a semi-Mr. Big of one of the mind-numbing number of Palestinian terrrorist organizations, I was hoping for another visit from the Grim Reaper.

    • Aussie Dave

      You are right, my bad.

      • juvanya

        Ah havent seen that in awhile

  • Richard S.

    Richard Silverstein, let’s be clear about what happened in Gaza. The IDF is targeting terrorists with precision as those terrorists are actively in the process of harming civilians.

    Meanwhile, the terrorists in Gaza are firing rockets indiscriminately at civilian targets. If not for Israel’s recently developed Iron Dome capabilities, many innocent Israeli civilians would probably have been killed. As it is, the civilians are, thank G-d, “only” living in trauma and terror.

    It is clear that the Israelis are acting as humanely as possible in the face of ruthless killers.

  • Jawbone of an Ass

    This is why I read CNN and the New York Times. It’s nothing but good news! There is literally no word of this on either. The Times managed a article deep in the World section which of course in 4 column inches spends all of it condemning Israel for attacking peaceful Palestinians for no reason. The last sentence notes in passing only that “The IDF ‘claims’ that 90 rockets were fired.”

  • juvanya

    “intercepted 27 out of 30 rockets fired at Beersheba, Ashdod and Ashkelon.”

    All well and good, but how many million shekels was this. This system is going to bankrupt Israel. Israel cant keep turning the other cheek. Its time to completely obliterate Gaza.

    • Spondres

      This is why the costs of running Iron Dome should be deducted directly from the tax revenues which Israel collects from the PA.

    • Morris the Katz

      Juvanya, I think some Ron Paul supporter has hijacked your screen name on the “Joker” thread.

      • juvanya

        Those pesky freedom-lovers!

    • kev

      Luckily, for you America pays heavily for the operation cost of the Iron Dome (204 million to be exact) But hey that’s pocket change for the greatest nation on earth.

      • juvanya

        Thats why they dont care about overusing it…

  • juvanya

    CNN Headline: Israeli pounds Gaza; 15 dead

    • Predictor92

      The author of the article is Talal Abu Rahma of Pallywood Fame. He is well known to use staged footage while he was a cameraman at france 2

  • Norman B.

    B-b-but these are not terrorists. They’re MILITANTS! Orwell lives!

  • Jack

    The brave “freedom fighters” attack women and children the same as they hide behind them at home. Some set of values, huh?

  • gedalia

    All the news media in Australia have headlines along the lines of “Israel attack kills 15″. It’s only when you are three quarters through the articles that you learn that Israel was responding to missiles fired from Gaza. It’s very frustrating to read all the syndicated news buereau articles.

  • Benny

    Richard Silverstein is wrong, as usual.

    He says “IDF murdrd. Pal. militiants” but murder is the unlawful killing of another human being without justification or excuse.

    Stopping a murderer by striking first is not murder, Richard.

    Calling whe Israeli action “murder” is just the usual Richard Silverstein inflammatory libel against Israel.

  • Shy Guy

    Flatten Gaza. Should have been done years ago.

    • juvanya

      No doubt.

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  • aitch

    notice that in one of the photos, even the Pals are using Caterpillar equipment, haven’t they heard of the boycott :-)

  • David

    Not enough dead terrorists !

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