The Palestinian Lies Keep Flowing


This week we have already seen the palestinians and their supporters blaming Israel for the deaths of a girl who fell off a swing almost 5 years ago, a fictional boy/man with cow blood, a 15-year-old boy killed in a work accident, as well as a Syrian boy killed by Assad’s forces

We can now add to the list 8-year-old boy killed by stray bullet at funeral.

It's all fun and games until someone loses their life (REUTERS/Suhaib Salem)

A Palestinian boy accidentally struck by a bullet when terrorists fired in the air during a funeral died of his injuries Wednesday, family members and witnesses said.

Palestinian health official Adham Abu Salmia initially said that 8-year-old Barka al-Mugrahbi died of wounds sustained in an Israeli airstrike on Monday.

However, Israel’s military said it did not carry out a strike in the area at the time.

The boy’s relatives and witnesses later said the boy was marching in the funeral procession for a Gaza terrorist Monday when he was struck in the head by an errant bullet.

At the time, gunmen were firing in the air, they said.

So, in the latest round of fighting, 26 palestinians have been killed: 20 confirmed terrorists, and 6 others. 

Of these 6, one killed himself and one was killed by the palestinians.

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