Comfort Douche

In this Twitter exchange following AP’s Diaa Hadid admitting she was taken for a fool by Hamas, she receives words of comfort from an old “friend”.

Did he really say “best of us”? Because that’s comedy gold right there.

By the way, he’s referring to this. Come to think of it, maybe he’s referring to this. Or is it this?

Ok, you get the point (hat tip: Honest Reporting).

Update: Speaking of Honest Reporting, El Doucherino today lied about them, as well as Avi Mayer (the guy who uncovered these palestinian lies, leading to this).

Mayer and the hasbarafia began digging and discovered that the girl, featured in a Reuters photo, had died in 2006.  They further alleged that she hadn’t died at Israel’s hands, but rather had fallen from a swing and died from the fall.

Then they really went to town.  Mayer passed the story off to Ron Prosor, Israel’s UN ambassador, who ten days later demanded Badawi’s head, accused her of deliberate fabrication in an attempt to smear Israel.  They said that her behavior typified that of the entire UN and the only way the organization could clear its name was to sack her.   They’ve now enlisted the pro-Israel media advocacy group, Honest Reporting, to amplify the campaign, taking it to the streets, as it were.

No-one ever enlisted the help of Honest Reporting. HR happened to be following events on Twitter, and reported the lies exposed by Avi Mayer. This is how the blogosphere and Twitterverse works, as Silverstein should well know. Yet he’s once again stated as fact a complete falsehood. In fact, I pointed this out to him on Twitter before his blog post, yet he went ahead and wilfully lied.*

Using Silverstein’s logic, he has enlisted David Duke and other neo nazis.

* Leaving aide the fact his post also libels Avi Mayer

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  • Benny

    Why should Richard Silverstein condemn Hamas officials for misleading people and misrepresenting a story when he is the master of doing so himself?

    This is a man who seems loathe to miss a chance to equate Israelis with Nazis. In a recent post on his blog, he — with a straight face — spun an unattributed quote to claim that Israel makes “monstrous statements” and is “advocating death, malnutrition, pestilence: the whole nine yards of incremental genocide.”

    To underscore his Israelis=Nazis equation, he illustrates his article with a picture from the Warsaw ghetto.

    Comments from his incited readers continuing the Nazification of Israel’s image go unrebuked.

    He has come out and said, “I do not favor a Jewish state” and he seems to be doing all he can to eliminate it.

  • mike beleman

    Is that what is known as a douche-coupe?

  • Morris the Katz

    Little Dickie Kapostein is now accusing Israel of stealing Turkey’s oil and gas, with Noble Energy’s huge gas find in the Levant Basin.

    This area is estimated by the USGS to hold 324 trillion cubic feet of gas. Using the ratio of 6,000 cubic feet of natural gas equaling one barrel of oil, that’s 55 billion barrels of oil, twice US reserves. In addition, the USGS estimates there are over 4 million barrels of oil there as well. Currently, with the price of gas $3/1000cf, and oil a bit over $100/bbl, gas in terms of BTU equivalent is a steal.

    There’s plenty there for everyone who wants to drill. This area is never subjected to hurricanes and only occasionally to severe storms. But, of course, Silverstein is writing like this is a calamity, as it, along with hydrofracking in the US and Canada producing gobs of oil and gas, would make Iranian oil irrelevant to the world. (The US imports less than 45% of its oil and natural gas liquids needs, down from over 60% a few years ago. Given the improvement in gas mileage expected in the next 10 years, and the enormous amount of exploration taking place, it’s estimated that by 2025 the U.S. will be importing less than a third of its hydrocarbon liquids. That’s below 1970 levels. What oil the US will still import will almost exclusively come from Canada.

    Eat your anti-Semitic commie heart out, little Dickie.

  • al-Moron

    Diaa Hadid is no Silverstein, but she is far from being someone I trust. She is obviously biased and her tweets and blog are proof of her agenda.

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