Lauren Booth Is Still A Big Fat Liar

Antisemite Lauren Booth seems to have serious issues with telling the truth – she hates it almost as much as she hates Jews and Israel.

In a recent talk, she rehashed a story she had recounted on other occasions. And once again, there are discrepancies between this and the previous versions.

Once she visited a family of 12 whose house had been destroyed by the Israelis, living in one room. The mother of the family also welcomed Ms. Booth warmly “Salaam aleikum, tafaddal,” during Ramadan. When Ms. Booth asked her the reason for fasting Ramadan, the woman explained, “To see how the poor and hungry live.”

This family of 12 is the same family Booth has previously described as consisting of 9 or 16. She also now claims the Israelis had destroyed their house, despite not making this claim in the previous versions of the story.

But if that’s not enough, here’s Booth again telling a different version the story, this time including a family size of 16, a brand new greeting by the woman, and a whole new addition to this story – a stuffed duck! (as opposed to a nuclear one)

I can’t wait for the next version.

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  • Jim from Iowa

    I don’t want her. You can have her. Her lies are too big and fat for me.

    • Shy Guy


  • Jawbone of an Ass

    She should be Red Ken’s wife #2.

  • copyleft

    I reckon there is no Islamic hell -as opposed to the Islamic heaven, which by all accounts is a glorified brothel.What else could explain these Islamists sitting through half an hour( and maybe more!) of incoherent blabber,poker face and some really bad acting?(The Booth family acting traits certainly have not found their way to her.)

  • Tom

    her good friend George Galloway openly praised rocket fire aimed at Israeli civilians

    • juvanya

      Ah good we are now making our own scary videos. Perhaps if we all post this to the media, they will do a story on it. “Life Under Israeli rocket fire”

  • truth

    I really don’t believe what i’m readding, actually the lye is not about telling if the family was of 9 15 or even 16, it doens’t make a big difference!
    but she didn’t lye when she said that Israel has destroyed their houses. you didn’t buther yourself to look at what irael is doing to palastinien, they’ve destroyed and still million lives, no matter children, women but they all human!
    open your eyes! i’m not insulting any body here, maybe it’s not your fault no even mine, but the israelian army is killing thousands of people out there.
    try to look at things differently, search in internet or books to find the history of palastine to find the truth!

    and if Booth is telling stories that u don’t like! because she has been there and have seen how families are living!

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