Anti-Israel Celebrities

I’ve already published a Pro-Israel Celebrities post, so I think now’s the time to post one on those who are anti-Israel.

Below is a list of celebrities (dead and alive) who were/are either definitely anti-Israel or have somehow been associated with an anti-Israel cause. Where there is an article proving this, I have linked the celebrity’s name to it. Where an article lists many such celebrities, I have included it under General Sources after the complete list of names.

Note that this post is designed to be a work-in-progress, and not a complete list of anti-Israel celebrities (which is, I suspect, a very long list). If you know of other anti-Israel celebrities, please leave their names in the comments, as well as a links to proof of this, and I will update the post accordingly.

Alan Rickman

Alexei Sayle

Alice Walker

Andrew Jarvis

Andy de la Tour

Annie Firbank

Annie Lennox

Bianca Jagger

Caryl Churchill

Cat Power

Cherie Lunghi


Danny Glover

David Byrne

David Aukin

David Calder

Elvis Costello

Emma Thompson

Gil Scott-Heron


Harold Pinter

Harriet Walter

Harry Belafonte

Jane Fonda

Janet Henfrey

Jeremy Irons

John Graham Davies

Jonathan Chadwick

Jonathan Miller

Julie Christie

Ken Loach

Kika Markham

Leo Butler

Mark Rylance

Matyelok Gibbs

Mel Gibson

Michael Darlow

Mike Leigh

Miriam Margolyes

Nigel Kennedy

Neville Jason

Niall Buggy

Patti Smith

Paul Freeman

Richard Wilson


Roger Lloyd Pack

Roger Waters

Rosie O’Donnell

Saffron Burrows

Stephen Fry

Susan Wooldridge

Trevor Griffiths

Ursula Jones

Vanessa Redgrave

Viggo Mortensen

Wallace Shawn

General Sources:

Neither Sense Nor Sensibility

Toronto Declaration: No Celebration of Occupation

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An Aussie immigrant to Israel, Aussie Dave is founder and managing editor of Israellycool, one of the world's most popular pro-Israel blogs (and the one you are currently reading) He is a happy family man, and a lover of steak, Australian sports and girlie drinks

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  • ahad ha’amoratsim

    Alan Rickman.
    Rosie O’Donell.
    Roger Waters.
    Y’mach sh’mam.

    • Aussie Dave

      I already have Roger Waters. Will add the others if I can find a source.

    • Starofdavid

      Lets face it Ali. Youre a TWAT

      Ethnic cleansing eh? Funny that the Pals in Gaza have the fastest growing (most obese innthenregion) population onth planet. Thae Pals in Judea and Samaria are just behind population growth wise

      It’s JEWHATERS like you that give these Arabs and their irrational ridiculous mainly athiest white western supporters a very bad name

      Apartheid is when the governments of 300million Arabs suppress their own populace AND the one Jewish state in the planet Lucky Arabs have more rights in Israel than they have in 22 Muslim Arab republics eh? Along with women, gays, Ba’hias Christians Hindus etc

      A Muslim woman sits in the highest Israeli court the Supreme Court . How many women far less a Jewish women sit in Palestine or Iran or Iraq or Bahrainis or Jordan’s or Syrians or afganistans or Lebanon or Sudan or turkmenistans or Saudi Arabist or usa or Kuwaitis etc Supreme Court


      • dcdoc

        You expect Ali to say how Israel’s Arab neighbors/adversaries are in some way(s) estimable? Pretty unreasonable of you, since you know damn well he can’t. (And it’s not a matter of double standards either, because Israel’s Arab neighbors/adversaries are held to no standards.)

      • Dafna Yee

        I agree with everything you say except for one thing. You included “Palestine” as if it is a sovereign nation, and it most definitely is not! It never has been! There are currently two regions who consider themselves to be “Palestine” and they are both ruled by hardened terrorists, Hamas in Gaza and the PA (which is really still the PLO) in part of Judea, Samaria, and Jerusalem. The dangerous thing about this situation is some people, including Netanyahu unfortunately, continue to believe that if Israel could only find the right offering, then Abbas, their non-peace partner, who is NOT a moderate, will negotiate in good faith. It will never happen and continuing to speak as if a Palestinian state either exists now or is an inevitable conclusion to get peace, only makes Israel appear craven and weak which she is NOT!!

      • Paul Goldstein

        The U.S.A. should not be in this listing. Of 9 members of the U.S. Supreme Court, there are currently three women (Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Sonia Sotomayor, Elena Kagan), and two of them are Jewish (Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Elena Kagan).

        • dcdoc

          Pretty surprising that StarofDavid would be unaware that of the 9 US Supreme Court Justices, 2 are Jewish women and 1 a Jewish man.

  • Michael W.

    The Prophet Muhammad.

    Or are we only doing living celebrities?

  • Paula

    These celebrities support the kangaroo court: Russell Tribunal on Palestine
    Julie Christie Actress, UK (on your list)
    Jonathan Cook Writer, Journalist, UK
    Andy de la Tour Actor/Screenwriter, UK (on your list)
    John Berger Writer, UK
    Paul Laverty Screenwriter, UK
    Mike Leigh Filmmaker, UK (on your list)
    Ken Loach Filmmaker, UK (on your list)
    Miriam Margolyes Actress, UK (on your list)
    Peter Mullan Filmmaker and actor, UK
    Juliet Stevenson Actress, UK

  • Travis

    Most of these people I have never heard of. You can add Julianne Moore to that list although I think a lot of these people are just empty air heads going along with the left wing trends and have no particular feelings towards Israel one way or the other. Most seem to be British I notice. Example – Elvis Costello was going to play in Israel but someone must have got to him.

  • Travis

    Roger Waters is anti British too so I don’t expect him to have any great feelings for Israel either.

  • Barry

    I don’t terribly like lists of names for reasons which I hope are obvious but I endorse this one. It makes me think of Jesus’ words on the cross…

    You might add:
    Stephen Fry
    the late Harold Pinter
    Jeremy Irons
    Alice Walker and
    Saffron Burrows.

    You might also add the delusions of less strident but equally precious celebs like Stephen Sondheim, Cynthia Nixon, Jennifer Tilly and Ruth Reichl.

    Not to mention nutjob Henning Mankell. And ex-SS man Günther Grass. And notable American/British architect Charles Jencks.

    However, though he is not an actor and is possibly not known to many of your readers, the most jaw-dropping moment for me was occasioned by these words from hallowed British journalist Max Hastings writing in the Daily Mail, where he thinks nothing of writing off an entire nation, not just its leadership:

    [Israel’s] prime minister is one of the most ruthless and intransigent politicians his country has produced since 1948. Netanyahu regards Arabs with contempt, and many years ago in my hearing expressed the hope that, in a future war, every Palestinian could be driven from the West Bank. He has repeatedly defied the pleas of President Obama to abandon illegal settlement building and is implacably hostile to Palestinian claims and aspirations. He brushes aside warnings from Western friends of Israel that his policies have crippled the moral standing of his country: Israel is progressively becoming a pariah…

    In recent years, [Israel] has become increasingly inward-looking, in response to global criticism of its treatment of the Palestinians. Even the most informed and sophisticated Israelis become ever less interested in what the rest of the world thinks of them… To a tragic degree, the U.S. has become Israel’s prisoner. Those Americans who enthuse about the relationship fail to notice the heavy price the West pays, diminishing its global moral authority, for indulging repression of the Palestinians.

    • Jim from Iowa

      OK, Barry, put away your Israel National News for a moment and listen to reason. Opposing illegal settlements on the West Bank is not an anti-Israel position. Stephen Sondheim anti-Israel? He’s about as political as the Easter Bunny. If these are your criteria for coming up with a list, it makes this exercise even more pointless than I originally thought.

      • Barry

        Ariel is as “illegal” as US sovereignty over Colorado. Stick to what you know, which clearly is zilch about international law.

        • Jim from Iowa

          Show me any map approved by the Israeli government that has Ariel as an integral part of Israel. Who are you trying to fool? And it doesn’t take an international law expert to know that unilateral claims by one country, which are not recognized by any other country in the world (including long-time allies) do not make for internationally-recognized legal standing. You can’t just make up the rules as you go along.

          • Barry

            You’re right. You can’t make up the rules as you go along. And that is why the Mandate for Palestine of 24 July 1922, a League of Nations document that stands to this day, is held up in Article 80 of the UN Charter which states that “nothing in this Chapter shall be construed in or of itself to alter in any manner the rights whatsoever of any states of any peoples or the terms of existing international instruments to which Members of the United Nations may respectively be parties”.

            Got that?

            Meanwhile Ariel, a town of 20,000 people, is certain to be part of any future Israeli state recognized by the Palestinians.

            Now if you’d kindly keep to the subject under discussion, you might want to comment on the opinions of the other “celebrities” I referred to.

          • Starofdavidscotland

            Not illegal and dupes who say they aren know nothing of facts truth history and Law. Doesn’t stop them though lol

            Neither can you Jim. The illegality is the pals claim to land promised to the Jews in Balfour 1917 San Remo 1920 and the League of Nations 1922

            Facts fool you often?

      • Norman B.

        The Israeli government opposes illegal settlements, which it defines as squatting on Arab-owned land. Otherwise, the rest of the West Bank is up for grabs. The Arabs rejected the 1947 partition plan and still do. From 1949 to 1967, this patch of ground was ruled by the Hashemites. After they started and lost the war with Israel, they renounced all claims to this territory. All this leaves Israel sovereign by default. Should the Arabs choose to recognize Israel as a Jewish state, then the parties will negotiate secure and recognized boundaries as called for by UN 242. Until then, Israel, as default ruler, has the right of eminent domain, a legal principle that has dispossessed more Americans than Arabs over the last 45 years.

        • Jim from Iowa

          Norman, I’m very sympathetic to the argument that the Arabs have missed many, many opportunities to end the Arab/Israeli Conflict peacefully. There are consequences for launching multiple wars against Israel over the last 60 years and losing every one of them. But for the sake of all Israelis there has to be some kind of peace agreement negotiated with the Arabs. Even Netanyahu says he recognizes that the establishment of a binational state will mean the end of Israel as a Jewish state.

          • Shy Guy

            Keep banging your head against the wall. You and the likes of Netanyahu, Barak, Livni, et al.

            Thanks for the bright advice, which so many of us knew would never work from the get go. You’re a gem!

            • Jim from Iowa

              And you think your approach of Israel as the Orkin Man, treating Palestinians as pests to get rid of would ever be acceptable by your own countrymen? Israelis would never accept your approach to what you consider to be a just peace. Never. Why not follow your yellow brick road all the way to Migron, Shy Guy? That’s Israel, too, right?

              • Shy Guy

                Pallys “pests”? Were the Nazis “pests”?!


          • Norman B.

            Jim, apparently you concede my legal arguments. And yes, I agree with you that a just and lasting peace is in everybody’s interest. The problem is how to get from point A to point B. Denying or ignoring Arab malevolence will not work. All that does is encourage them to keep grasping at straws instead of facing reality.

      • juvanya

        YES. IT. IS.
        Now get off of occupied Indian land!

        • Jim from Iowa

          Me heap dizzy trying to understand crazy talk from paleface. Half of Israelis oppose the West Bank settlements. So half of Israelis are anti-Israel? Ugh, big bunkum, and how!

          • Shy Guy

            No. Half of the Israelis are plain stupid, like half of the Americans. Take yourself, for example…

            • Jim from Iowa

              If only AussieDave gave the Wonderlic test to participate in the IsraellyCool Comments Section. As Dean Wormer (“Animal House”) would say: “Shy Guy – Zero Point Zero.”

    • juvanya

      We cannot celebrate the birthday of a state founded on terrorism, massacres and the dispossession of another people from their land….We will celebrate when Arab and Jew live as equals in a peaceful Middle East.

      What do they want then? To destroy Israel and start again? What is the point of that?

      Honestly, I suspect these people can easily sign a letter, but if confronted with actually defending the position, few could do it.

      • Starofdavidscotland

        Only 330 million Muslims to sign up required then lol

  • Jawbone of an Ass

    I did not know that famous Lesbian Blowhard Cynthia Nixon hated Israel. I do sincerely hope she celebrates her marriage, to a woman, in Gaza.

    • Sara

      Don’t worry, we Palestinians aren’t judgemental.

      • Erica Kellian

        Lol,the palestinians will fully recognize her marriage.Isn’t it against the law there? I think I may have read you can get the death penalty over it.

  • Travis

    Patti Smith is virulently anti-Israel.

  • ziontruth

    “Opposing illegal settlements on the West Bank is not an anti-Israel position.”

    If you mean the illegal Arab settlements, then I agree.

    A hint, Jim: No state bigger than Israel, or citizen thereof, has the right to tell Israel to get smaller. Least of all can they call themselves “pro-Israel” once they have done so.

    “unilateral claims by one country, which are not recognized by any other country in the world … do not make for internationally-recognized legal standing.”

    Then we’ll do without international recognition. A nation needs no permission from other nations to build on and inhabit its own soil. If anything, I have come to regard the calls for Israel to get smaller as nothing less than permission for Israel to get bigger and bigger, to build and build without limit, to thumb its nose at all the insolent busybodies who dare to intervene in Israel’s internal affairs.

    “which are not recognized by any other country in the world (including long-time allies)”

    We can do without such an alliance that comes at so dear a price as being pushed by our “allies” to give up parts of our already meager land.

    “But for the sake of all Israelis there has to be some kind of peace agreement negotiated with the Arabs.”

    Been there, seen it, done that, got the bloodstained, suicide-bombed T-shirt. Why didn’t you negotiate with Osama after 9/11?

    “And you think your approach of Israel as the Orkin Man, treating [Arab settler-colonists] as pests to get rid of would ever be acceptable by your own countrymen?”

    My fellow countrymen have had over a decade of Arab intransigence to warm up to the idea that true peace can be brought about only by expelling all the Arab settler-colonist population from the entire Land of Israel.

    “Israelis would never accept…”

    You don’t know what most Israeli Jews think. This is especially impertinent considering your outrage at my thoughts regarding mainstream American values.

    “Why not follow your yellow brick road all the way to Migron, Shy Guy? That’s Israel, too, right?”

    Yes, all is Israel. What is within the bounds of Eretz Yisrael is legally the Jewish people’s. What is within the bounds of the Arabian Peninsula is legally the Arab nation’s. What is within the bounds of Eretz Yisrael under possession of Arabs is illegal and stolen and must be evacuated by them for the sake of just and viable peace in the Middle East.

    “Half of Israelis oppose the [Jewish population centers in Judea and Samaria].”

    Where did you get that figure? From a poll of Haaretz readers? Or from one taken in 1997? The true figure taken in 2012 by a credible, non-treasonous source can in no way be higher than 30%.

    • Jim from Iowa

      I’m not sure where you stand, but I’m firmly in the Israel as a modern democratic state camp. I will always acknowledge and respect the will of the Israeli people through their elective representatives. It’s no secret I don’t like the current Netanyahu government. But I know that the most crackpot elements of the government will force new elections, perhaps even this year, and then a new coalition government will form. Maybe it will be Likud and Kadima this time (which I’ve wanted for some time now). We’ll see. Enjoy your Passover holiday.

      • Starofdavidscotland

        Right, left, middle. ALL rejected by Pals. Do some friggin research for goodness sake

        • Jim from Iowa

          Watch your friggin’ language. I’m way too busy; why don’t you just tell what to think about stuff?

          • Starofdavid

            And that’s why your so mis/ uninformed

            I realise you’re by no means a Jewhater BUT you fall into so many BDS traps it sometimes seems like you follow their BS line and ignore FACTS

          • Starofdavid

            There you go Jim. youre welcome

            most of the Arabs who lived on the land in what is now Israel and Gaza and The West Bank of Judea and Samaria almost never owned the land they lived on. Any land that had title deeds to it, and little had, once the Ottoman empire was disbanded when they lost WW1, was owned by rich Arab absentee landlords who never lived there. Jews bought the deeds.

            They now owned the land despite it being malarial swampland in the north and desert in the south, that was totally unoccupied. They drained the swamps and reclaimed the desert. The entire population of what is now Israel, was about 200-400 thousand in the late 19th early 20th century composed of Jews Arabs Druze Christians. So much for millions of mainly Muslim Arabs residing there for eons and have a right of return. Mass immigration came AFTER the original Zionists. Both Arab and Jew.

            when Jordan ruled the West Bank between 1948 and 1967 no Palestinian flag was raised over East Jerusalem. No Palestinian “state” proclaimed. Indeed Jerusalem is never once mention in the Koran and has never been the capital of any Muslim country in history far less Palestine. This despite it being ruled by Muslims for hundreds of years. So much for it being such an important city in Islam.

            when anyone reiterates that Israel is built on “Palestinian land,” they are only continuing to perpetrate a myth, a great big Pallywood lie.

            • Jim from Iowa

              OK Dave (or Star if you prefer) I really do appreciate you taking the time to share this information. I don’t disagree with anything you say here. I really do think I have a lot more on the ball than you give me credit.

              This is the thing I’m focused on: How do Jews and Arabs find a way to share the land in peace? I already know about the Jews’ rightful place in their homeland of Israel. But the Arabs for the most part don’t agree with you and me and they’re not going anywhere. I want future generations of Israelis to live in peace and prosperity. I’m looking for realistic, practical solutions to allow that to happen. That’s what interests me most.

              • Starofdavid

                They DONT share the land. They separate. I agree no peace is happening soon partly due to the ignorance of such as Carter Obama etc but also Scandinavians and Brits. Turn off the money tap peace will prevail

                • dcdoc

                  Yes, let the “enablers” stop enabling (“turn off the money tap”), then peace might follow. But with so many “enablers,” those being almost entirely made up of Muslim backers, the UN, and the Left, not likely to change in our lifetimes.

                  • Starofdavid

                    Actually. I’m reasonably sure the big funders are the USA Britain and the Norwegians. Happy to be proved wrong. Of course they get billions via UNWRA as well

              • Dafna Yee

                Peace is not attainable because the entire Arab world in general, and Palestinians in particular, have built an entire culture of hatred against Jews/Israel/Zionists! In both Gaza and land controlled by the PA, any “collaboration” with Israel is considered a major crime, often “punishable” by death! The question of land is only an excuse used by the Arab leaders, to pretend to the West (and their Muslim followers which includes the Palestinians) that they are willing to make peace. However, peace will ONLY come if the Israelis continue to give away land until they are in an indefensible position and can be destroyed militarily as the PLO and the PA have always intended. In fact, Yasser Arafat was formally named the leader of the Palestinians at the Rabat Summit Conference in 1974. This was based on his promise to destroy Israel, both by fighting and by “negotiation” and was part of their charter. (All of this is available for anyone to check for themselves.)

                A group of people like the Palestinians, that raise their children to believe that dying while killing Israeli civilians is something to aspire to, can not live in peace with these same Israelis, no matter how much land Israel gives away. Israeli children are taught to aspire to be scientists, doctors, midwives, electricians, etc. They want to grow up, sometimes get married and have children, go to concerts and football games, and die of old age. The Israelis do not have a single song that glorifies killing, including the national anthem, Hatikvah and all their children’s songs. I’ve never heard of a single Palestinian song that did not glorify death (as “martyrs”) and killing, particularly Jews! Palestinians honor murderers, even serial killers and name streets and buildings after them. Even the Palestinian “anthem” speaks of revenge, wars, blood, pain, and the promise to always be a guerrilla!!

                Just where are the Palestinians with whom the Israelis should give up their land to make peace with???

                • Startofdavid

                  Dafna. You are absolutely spot on. This is a long ride and gets longer while the mainly Muslim Arabs are inculcated with hatred of Jews and increasing Christians across great swathes of the Middle East and North Africa

                  Now I have to presume the educated leaders of the west know all this but it seems to be secondary to their belief that peace can be obtained by either money or coercion

                  No Palestinian leader can make peace with the Jews. That requires recognising the Jewish state. They’d be assassinated on the spot.

                  Arafat came close at camp David 200-2001. But knew signature meant death to him so turned to violent intifada instead

                  In any case who cares wihat ABBAS says/ does. What are these morons in Obamas admin going to do about HAMAS. Brush them under the carpet. Or hizballah?

                  Truth is. Taquiyya prevails. And the three nos of Khartoum is still the Arabs default position

                  • Sam

                    I’m sorry is it just me that remembers when Yitzhak Rabin was assassinated by his fellow Israelis when he tried to make peace between both Israel and Palestine. It wasn’t the so called murdering Muslims, it was his own countrymen because they did not want shared land, no they were greedy and wanted all of the land for their own country. I mean think of how many Palestinian and Israeli women and children have died because of this. So don’t go pointing all of your fingers at the Palestinians’, you are both as responsible as each other.

                    • Norman B.

                      And what have the Palestinians done to promote peace? What compromises have they offered? The world awaits an answer from you.

                    • Dafna Yee

                      ONE man was killed and what did the Israelis do? The killer was tried, convicted, and now sits in an Israeli jail!! Hundreds of innocent civilians have been murdered by Palestinian terrorists and what did the Palestinians do? Name streets, buildings, parks, etc. after them, teach their children, to honor these murderers as heroes, call these killers “martyrs” and send their children to “camp” to train them to grow up to be terrorists too!!! Not to mention dancing in the streets when Israelis are killed (like they did when Rabin was assassinated! And you have the nerve to say that Palestinians and Israelis are “equally responsible”!!!! Open your eyes and shut your mouth before you defend Palestinian terrorists!!

            • Hannah Q.

              Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! This is the funniest shit I’ve ever read! Sorry had to say that because it’s too damn funny! There is no Israel, high-time they got out of Palestine. Can’t wait for the day Israel’s wiped off the map. I am a Christian from New York.

    • Barry

      ZT: Very well said.

    • Ariadne

      Chag Sameach, ziontruth and all celebrating and Happy Easter as applicable!

      Still telling truth to ignorance! AmYisraelChai!

      • ziontruth

        Thanks, Barry. Don’t be too hard on Jim, he’s not a bad person, he just suffers from a tad hippie naivete.

        And blessings upon you too, Ariadne! Non CiFWatch illegitimi trollum carborundum! (Don’t let the CiFwatch troll b**tards grind you down)

        • Ariadne

          It’s a pretzelberg/dubitante site now. Too time-wasting.

          • ziontruth

            “It’s a pretzelberg/dubitante site now.”

            So sorry to hear that. Unfortunately, I’m not in a state to post on CiFWatch right now; I’m in a raging mood lately, and it’s a hundred to one I’d get my comments on CiFWatch deleted, at best.

            • Ariadne

              Is the raging mood caused by anything you’d care to share, ziontruth? There’s enough stupidity and hate around to make angels weep. Catalonia is 20% Muslim, apparently and Catalonians seem to be just waiting for the end.

              I’ve often wondered about the 20% in Israel but of course our far less than 20% has been dumped upon us increasingly over 30 years.

              The Raed Salah case might be appealed.

              We have a benefits system called National Insurance which every worker has to pay for a pension at 60+. Obviously a NI number is allocated when someone starts to work at the minimum age of 16. Our population appears to be not much over 60m. But strangely in 2007 government figures showed 76m NI numbers in existence. I have asked Migration Watch about that twice to no avail.

              As Barry noted above, Howard Jacobson is speaking up for Israel and in the best way for creative people.

              Dave, I apologise for going off-topic. I’ve been alarmed about Israel since autumn 2008 and nothing I see now makes me feel better about it. Except for the Howard Jacobsons and other rays of light that emerge from that hate-filled darkness and ignorance and counter it.

              • ziontruth

                “Is the raging mood caused by anything you’d care to share, ziontruth?”

                Of my personal life I don’t share, but my rage was partly, and greatly, caused by the murders in Toulouse. My thoughts immediately thereafter would be grounds for banning from just about any forum.

                “I’ve often wondered about the 20% in Israel”

                In pre-1967 Israel it’s not 20% Muslims, it’s 20% non-Jews, of which most are Muslims. I don’t consider the non-Muslim non-Jews comparable to the Muslims by any stretch, but Marxist anti-nationalist sentiment tends to run high among the non-Muslim Arabs, even the otherwise loyal (by religious doctrine, like the Jews) Druzes. I don’t hate them (at least, not a priori the way I do the Muslims), but it’s always been a mistake to put their national pride to the test, having them live in a different nation’s state.

                If I were in charge of map-reordering (like the anti-Zionists say we Zionists are… As usual, the biggest problem with the accusations of our haters is that they aren’t true), the Muslims would be packing way the heck out to the Arabian Peninsula, and the Christian Arabs and the Druzes would get states of their own carved out of former Muslim-inhabited lands. But “man plans and God laughs,” so I’ll leave the unfolding of history—whatever is beyond my direct control—to Him.

                All the best to you, Ariadne. Hoping Britain gets out of its messes and establishes normal relations with Israel, neither alliance nor hostility.

                • Ariadne

                  I don’t think Britain will improve unless we leave the EU, ziontruth. And then we have the recorded “history” which still won’t be truthful. But knowing our true population figures would be something.

                  As usual, the biggest problem with the accusations of our haters is that they aren’t true

                  And they are current here, of course.

                  I’d like to nominate an anti-Israel celebrity who may not seem like a celebrity outside Britain. John Humphrys of the BBC Radio 4’s Today program.

                  This programme is fairly political and a lot of politicians are terrified of Humphrys.

                  There’s also the Middle East “correspondent” Jeremy Bowen who corresponds to Arabism.

                  I never hear Bowen (by choice) but I do hear Humphrys.

                  An example of Humphrys bias:
                  BBC allows Gaza liar to dominate interview

                  Always to blame.

                  The hope we can have there is that the BBC loses its income from the UK population.

                  Here is the new blog for Biased BBC

                  The archive is in the right side-bar. I found this link by searching within the blog on Bowen’s name:
                  Archive search.

                  And, ziontruth, both our politicians and governments seem to stand in the way of sense.

    • mika

      hahahahah Arab settlements ? that was funny !!! clearly ur out of your mind

  • Barry

    An important addition to the debate here.

  • livealot

    You have to understand how the Hollywood “mental”ity works. As long as you are white and have any kind of money, and sometimes if you are white and poor, they don’t care if any sort of horror befalls you.


    If you are brown, black or poor, they come running every time with their check books and telling the world and the victims who is to blame —- which is usually anybody who is white and not on welfare.

    They are the supreme racists and haters, but don’t even see it. Maybe some of them do. For example, when Hurricane Katrina hit, Sean Penn could not get there fast enough with his boat and camera crew. You know — to document his good deed. But when disaster befalls the heartland, Sean Penn could not care less.

    They think they are showing themselves to be the more superior loving ones, but their hatred and racism shines even brighter when they either remain absent or silent or worse yet hurl blame when tragedy befalls white people.

    So I am not surprised that Israel is their target of hate. Not surprised at all.

    • Dan

      Not all Israelis, or even all Ashkenazi Jews, are white.

      • dcdoc

        What you say may be true, but the vast majority of non-Arab Israelis are not of “color.” And it doesn’t much matter anyway, since Israelis are generally counted as “white” by others, and still worse seen by much of the Left as “colonialist” interlopers victimizing the “natives.”

        • Dan

          As someone who has lived in Israel, I can tell you that this is not true. You have Jews of all colors here, although most are olive-to-brown in skin tone. You’d also be surprised at how many Arabs are not only white, but virtually indistinguishable from your average Israeli.

          By the way, Arabs are also counted as white in the census. And I no longer take the far lefts opinions seriously.

          • dcdoc

            What you say may be true, and I expect it is true, but that’s “reality” and I was talking about “beliefs,” however uninformed those may be. While “reality” should be trump over “beliefs,” especially ill-founded or clearly mistaken ones, it is often otherwise. And again, it isn’t all about “whiteness” or “color” per se, but in large part about symbolism and projection.

            As for “the far lefts[sic] opinions,” they may be objectionable for various reasons, even frankly evil, but unfortunately they are not inconsequential. They account for much more of today’s antisemitism, albeit masquerading as “anti-Zionism,” than is the right.

  • Badger O Stripey One

    Professor Christine Chinkin of the London School of Economics and of the Goldstone Report (im)fame.

  • Mrsshitrit

    Ken roach , is dead . rest are z list celebs

  • dcdoc

    Why isn’t the list above alphabetized to make it easy to consult?

    • Aussie Dave

      It first name

      • dcdoc

        I had in mind the usual way of alphabetizing, that is by last names, which are more singular. But it is helpful to have such a list organized however it may be organized (or disorganized).

        Now, how about some other lists that might prove as helpful or more helpful than this one of anti-Israel celebrities? For example, how about a list of J Street’s most egregious endorsements? One can go to J Street’s website and see their current endorsees, but one won’t see their previous ones (I don’t think), and the names of many, especially Representatives, may not mean much if anything to us unless they are our own members of Congress or we recall reading about their anti-Israel positions. There was a Jewish woman from the SF Bay area running for the Democratic nomination in the last election cycle (2010), someone of the Jewish Voices for Peace type (an “AShamed Jew”), and she got the enthusiastic endorsement of that purportedly “pro-Israel, pro-peace” group. Such a list, with details of just how bad some of their endorsees are from the perspective of true supporters of Israel, would be of use when contesting those who maintain that J Street is what it claims to be, that is “pro-Israel.”

        • Dafna Yee

          A number of years ago I wrote a paper on the groups that had words like “peace,” “human rights,” “justice,” etc. that were virulently anti-Israel. I attached an alphabetized list of over 300 and, if I remember correctly, only three or four actually had anything to do with peace, human rights, or justice. It’s still online, so if you’re interested in looking at it, let me know and I’ll get you the link.

          • dcdoc

            Yes, please let us have that link.

            What I’d really like to see is a list of all the individuals J Street has endorsed at one time or another, perhaps with something about those individuals’ positions on Israel. J Street, in keeping with it’s “pro-Israel, pro-peace” mission (well that’s what they purport to be about) has endorsed some pretty egregious politicians.

            • Dafna Yee

              The name of the article is: Pro-‘Palestinian’ = Anti-Israeli and the link is:

              You might also be interested in another article of mine called WHAT IS “PALESTINIAN LAND” AND WHO ARE THE PALESTINIANS”? which is found at:

              The second one is chock full of important reference links.

              I’m very interested to know your thoughts.

              • dcdoc

                You are to be commended for your efforts on behalf of Israel.

                • Dafna Yee

                  Thank you. Israel is my country, too, and I’m very proud of that.

                  • dcdoc

                    If you’re Israeli, perhaps you can explain something to me: how is it that around you there are people who are so hostile to the state of Israel? Oh, I don’t mean Arabs, I mean Jews like those Haaretz columnists (e.g., Amira Hass) who couldn’t be more determined enemies of Israel if they tried. The damage they do to Israel’s interest and that of world Jewry. There are to be sure a great many such Jews in the Diaspora and they too are loathsome, but it is not quite as insane as being a Jewish citizen of Israel and being such an enemy of the state.

                    I see this as singular Jewish psychopathology. I don’t know ANY other racial/religious/ national/ethnic/etc. group that regularly acts against self-interest to the extent to jeopardize their well-being, even their survival. Do you?

                    • Dafna Yee

                      I’m not sure what you mean by anti-Israel Jews “around you.” I don’t associate with anyone, Jewish or not, that is anti-Israel. I used to run a website called the Jewish Watch Dog whose purpose was to expose those people and organizations who had anti-Israel/anti-Judaism websites. (I only stopped because my partner, Garry Hoffer, died, and though I tried to carry on alone, I found it impossible to do so.)

                      I also can’t think of any group of people who have so many self-hating members as Jews do. I have never been able to understand people like Hass and Levy. I have a theory about people like Peres and Netanyahu, though, who pursue peace by blindly repeating the same acts and refusing to see their enemies for who they are. I wrote a paper on that (surprise!) called: Parallels Between Terrorism and Domestic Violence and it can be found at: I realize it doesn’t explain Israeli Jews who hate Israel with such virulence, but you might find it offers some useful insights.

                    • Jim from Iowa

                      I’m exhausted just reading one of your posts.

                  • Jim from Iowa

                    Look at me, I’m Dafna Yee
                    Lousy with integrity.
                    Won’t go to bed with no Pali, she said
                    I can’t, I’m Dafna Yee!

                    sung to the tune of “Look at Me, I’m Sandra Dee” from the musical “Grease”

                    • dcdoc

                      So great supporter of Israel that you are, or purport to be, you are fine with Amira Hass, Gideon Levy and Akiva Eldar and their leftist/Marxist likes, of whom unfortunately there are many in Israel?

                      Or you are basically uninformed about those Haaretz stalwarts and their claque and you just come here to natter and deride those who are unequivocal in their support of the Jewish state?

                    • Dafna Yee

                      You’re damn right that I have integrity and that I “wouldn’t go to bed with no Pali” (Of course, since I’m married, the point is moot.) I’ll bet anything that you didn’t bother to read my articles; you just jumped in to defend the Palestinians — and yourself — from some hard facts that you don’t want to face. And if that little ditty was supposed to be a put-down, you failed!

                    • Starofdavid

                      And yet Jim you have probably more posts in here than. ANYONE. time to look in the mirror pal

                    • Jim from Iowa

                      You’re the greatest star.
                      You are by far.
                      But no one knows it.

  • antijewandproud

    hey ,,,, why not u count me??? i am anti israel too……
    and i am artis lol….

  • http://jkhbhjbhk.ibyib jgvjgv


    • Norman B.

      So you want to fight Israel to the last Arab, coward? Put your carcass where your mouth is or shut up.

  • Jinan

    I’m pretty sure Johnny Depp is to

  • Jinan


  • Louis G.

    These people are NOT anti-Israel celebrities but PRO-PALESTINE celebrities. It doesn’t mean they’re anti-Israel because they support the citizens of Palestine (whether Muslim or Christian PALESTINIAN citizen). This is just pathetic.

    • Ruby


    • Dafna Yee

      Except there is no country of “Palestine”; in fact, there has NEVER been any sovereign country by that name!!! Here are some historical FACTS:

      The Romans conquered the JEWISH kingdom of Judah in 63 BCE and deliberately renamed the land “Palestine” after the Jews’ enemy, the Philistines, to try and erase the Jewish presence in the land. (There were no Arabs or “Palestinians then!)

      The Turks conquered Constantinople, which included the district of Palestine, in 1453 CE and a large area without distinct borders became the Palestinian TERRITORY of the Ottoman Empire. (Neither the Arabs nor the Jews who lived there tried to lay claim to the land as a separate country.) There was not a lot of either Arabs or Jews in the land because the land itself was barren and would not support a large enough population to create a country. Over the centuries, the Arab and Jewish populations stayed pretty much equal, with one group sometimes having more people some decades and then the reverse. (There were many times that Jerusalem in particular, had a greater Jewish population than Arab.) There was no particular animosity between the Jews and the Arabs (they were both oppressed pretty equally by the Turks) until the 20th century, when there was a great wave of nationalism sweeping most of the world. In fact, the first official border between Palestine and another country, was with Egypt who in 1906 CE, signed the Treaty of Taba. This treaty was between the Turks and the Egyptians; the Palestinians, both Jew and Arab, had absolutely no say because neither ruled the land and the Arabs had no national identity with the territory anyway. The Jews did not have a national identity with the territory Palestine, per se, but the part of Palestine that included their ancient kingdom was always known as Eretz Yisroel, literally the land of Israel. Eretz Yisroel was–and is–the land that was given to the Jews by God to be their homeland.

      There had been Zionism, the call to return to Eretz Yisroel and make it bloom again, since the Roman times, and Jews had been trickling in to mostly live in the cities, especially Jerusalem which has always been the soul and heart of the Jewish people through the centuries. (For the record, the apparent attachment that the Arabs claim for Jerusalem is very recent. It is not mentioned a single time in the Koran and Mohammed never, not once, visited Jerusalem!) However, it was in 1896 in Basle, Switzerland where Theodore Herzl spoke about his book, “The Jewish State” to the First Zionist Conference, and modern political Zionism was born. (FYI, this predates the beginning of Arab nationalism by several decades.)

      An important point that many people ignore, is that Palestine for the Arabs was a feudal society into the 20th century. A relatively few wealthy Arabs owned a great deal of the land that the majority of Arabs lived on while the owners lived far away and collected their rents. These wealthy Arabs provided absolutely no social services or education because they wanted to keep the new ideas of democracy from spoiling their system. When the Jews started coming in large numbers, THEY BOUGHT LAND FROM THE WEALTHY ARABS, but it was never land that had Arabs living on it. If you think about it for a minute, this will make sense, since the land the Arabs lived on was generating an income and the land sold to the Jews (for exorbitant prices!) was considered worthless. It consisted of barren deserts in the south (Tel Aviv was built on UNOCCUPIED sand dunes!) and malarial swamps in the north. There are a number of books, journals, and memoirs written in the 19th and early 20th centuries with excellent descriptions, and sometimes drawings, available for you to check a lot of what I’ve written. (You might try Mark Twain’s “The Innocents Abroad” written in 1867.)

      Let’s get back to history. WWI saw the end of the crumbling Ottoman Empire and Britain and France were champing at their bits to break up all that land into spheres of influence, aka artificial countries with carefully hand-picked rulers, most of whom had no prior relationships with the people they now ruled. Britain formed Trans-Jordan as a British protectorate in 1921, out of 77% of the Palestine Mandate, which became the kingdom of Jordan in 1946. All the people in Jordan were Palestinians. (I’m not going into all the political maneuvering that went on to establish all these countries.) Jordan’ western border stopped at the Jordan River, ON THE EAST SIDE! The remainder of the Palestine Mandate, which included Judea, Samaria and all of Jerusalem, had been PART of what the Balfour Declaration in 1917 promised to the Jews — a homeland in Palestine. (One of the ways that Britain used that promise was it was a major part of the reason that Britain instead of France–who was given Syria and Lebanon–got the Palestine Mandate in the first place.)

      The Palestinian population had also been given a large inrush of Arabs from all over the Middle East in the early 20th century, when the revitalization of the land and the development of industry, brought by the Jewish immigrants, increased the standard of living for the Arabs as well as the Jews. Until 1921, when the British appointed Haj Amin el-Husseini as Mufti of Jerusalem, relations between the Arabs and the Jews. He hated both Jews and British and incited the Arabs until the Arabs massacred hundreds of Jews in the riots of 1929 and the ones that lasted from 1936-1939. (Even before there was any talk of “settlements” or “occupation,” Arabs were killing Jews and spreading hatred!)

      Although the Palestinians were offered their own state in 1947, they refused it because they did not have a national identity as Palestinians. In fact, under the British Mandate, Arabs did not refer to themselves as “Palestinians” at all; rather they used the Arabic words for Southern Syrian. (I’m afraid I’ve forgotten the words. The only people who called themselves Palestinians were the Jews.

      In 1948, although Israel had offered peace and equal rights to all Arabs in David Ben-Gurion’s Declaration of Statehood, the following day, five armies attacked. NOT ONE OF THOSE ARMIES WERE PALESTINIAN! Although Israel miraculously managed to fight off the armies, Egypt captured Gaza and Jordan (whose modern army had been armored and officered by the British) captured Judea, Samaria and the eastern part of Jerusalem. The Jordanians immediately forced thousands of Jews to leave their homes in those areas, most of whom only managed to keep the clothes they were wearing. (Egypt did the same thing to the Jews in Gaza.)

      The next thing that Jordan did was to rename the captured lands the “West Bank” exactly as the Romans had done to Judah and for exactly the same reason–to erase all Jewish presence from those lands. Jordan occupied those lands until 1967 when the Israelis recaptured them. In all that time, NOTHING was said by either the Jordanians or the Arabs about creating a homeland there for the Palestinians. There was no building or any other improvements done to the land in those 19 years. The Arabs didn’t even make use of Hadassah Hospital on Mount Scopus; when the Jews returned, they found everything there, covered in a thick layer of dust. The only thing that the Arabs did do, was use the headstones, some of them centuries old, to line their toilets!!

      Also in 1967, Yasser Arafat took over the three year old PLO with plans to use the Palestinians as a means to kill all the Jews and destroy Israel and replace it with Palestine, which he would rule. Those goals are in the PLO’s charter as well as the PA’s charter which is not surprising considering that Abbas was hand-picked by Arafat to succeed him. Arafat was recognized as the leader of the PLO and promised to destroy Israel at the Rabat Summit Conference in 1974. In effect, Arafat created the Palestinians as a distinct political entity and he also gave them a “cause”–creating a homeland where Israel is.

      The fact is that, prior to 1967, the Palestinians were hardly mentioned at all. If you look up the war dispatches for 1967 and earlier, in any newspaper at all, including the Arab ones, you will not see the Palestinians involved in history at all. In all newspapers, referring to any situation going on in Israel, you will see, “Arab-Israeli Conflict” or “Arab-Israeli War”

      • Starofdavid

        Lest we forget. The PLO were formed by Assads daddy in Syria to gain leverage against Egypt

        I DEMAND everyone to read CONNOR CRUISE OBRIENS book on the history of Israel and Palestinians

    • Starofdavid

      Where is Palestine. I have map. No see mythical land of Palestine

      Time to make peace Pals!



    • Starofdavid


      Corrected it for you



  • doobydoo

    lionel messi
    christiano ronaldo

    • dcdoc

      What is the basis for accusing Lionel Messi as being anti-Israel? Same for Ronaldo?

  • Dan

    I think the definition of anti-Israel used here is too broad. For instance, opposing the settlements in the West Bank is not anti-Israel. I am also opposed to the settlement expansion, and I am just about the farthest thing from an anti-Zionist there is. In fact, I hate anti-Zionists, and hold them in contempt for being insensitive (consciously or otherwise) to the needs and rights of the Jewish people.

    Here’s my criteria….

    *Denying Jewish indigeneity to Israel.

    *Calling it an apartheid state. That is, unless it actually does become an apartheid state.

    *Agitating for its destruction as a Jewish state, whether through violence, boycotts, or anything else.

    • dcdoc

      Those are your criteria for what? For “anti-Israel,” “anti-Zionist,” “antisemitic,” or what exactly? How do you see being “anti-Israel” as different from being “anti-Zionist”? Do you see anyone on that list to whom one or more of those labels does not apply?

      • Dan

        Anti-Israel and anti-Zionist are interchangeable, as far as I’m concerned. Anybody who falls under any of the 3 criteria listed can be safely described as anti-Zionist.

    • Starofdavid

      You don’t get it do you

      anti Israel = anti Zionist = Jewhater.

      The other side conflate Jews and Israel Everytime

      . Ditto so should we to them

    • Starofdavid

      What “settlements”. Where?

      Cant a Jew live anywhere or do u support apartheid

      Ps they’re neighbourhoods. Many 40 yr old neighbourhoods

      What about Jews living in their 3800 yr old capital in Jerusalem. They ok or not?

    • Starofdavid

      Dan. Why are u opposed to perfectly legal Jewish neighbourhoods. Do you deny the same rights to Jews that you request to Arabs?

  • Erica Kellian

    I am really surprised about Coldplay. Isn’t Chris Martin married to Gwyneth Paltrov. I know she is Jewish and oviously a big wig in Jewish Hollywood.I guess you never can tell.

    • Erica Kellian

      Sorry for the typo….I meant obviously.

    • Lucy

      This is late and everything but it’s zionists who control Israel. Israel is a horrible state and as a matter of fact MANY jews are anti-israel and pro-palestine. I hate it when people say that jews and zionists are the same. Jews are nice, Zionists control and corrupted this world. With America’s help of course, after all Israel pulls the strings on America.

      • cba

        “It’s Zionists who control Israel.”

        That’s like saying, “It’s British patriots who control Britain.”

        Zionism means self-determination for the Jewish people; nothing more, nothing less. If you consider Israel to be a “horrible state” then you’re remarkably ignorant. It gives ALL its citizens equal rights, and is as good as ANY other country in the world–including Canada, America, Britain, Switzerland, Sweden, you name it–and a damned sight better than most.

        By the way, who do you think is giving lifesaving medical treatment to Syrians, even though they are formally in a state of war with Syria? That’s just for starters.

  • Erica Kellian

    Anyways, I support Israel and I think they are true Jews who have suffered to find a homeland. I have Jewish friends who are the best.The only time I have been offended is how the Hollywood Jews often make assumptions about white people and the same thing with the mainstream media in the US.They have done a good job of alienating white America. Luckily, I grew up around Jewish people and have always had positive experiences with the people I have known.In fact, the people I know are my true friends.God Bless Israel and all the wonderful people who live there.

  • Ren

    Norman Finkelstein

    Cold Play

    Stephen Hawking

  • Ruby

    Vivat Palestine!

    • Starofdavid

      Viva Yisrael

  • Starofdavid

    Jon Snow. Channel Four news Jewhater

  • dcdoc

    Curiously, you haven’t included in this list all of the “celebrity” anti-Israel (BDSers) crowd that Israellycool has called out in other posts, e.g., Eve Ensler.

  • Dafna Yee

    I hate to add him, because on other topics he is very funny, but Jon Stewart of The Daily Show, denigrates Jews and Judaism every time he mentions either (he’s especially big on Jewish holidays!), and uses the fact that he was born Jewish to assume that he is a spokesman for Jews. He also treats Israel with contempt and makes sport of her very nastily. (I said “born Jewish” because I have seen him cross himself and refer to Jesus as the Messiah! He’s also married to a Catholic woman and I am certain that he doesn’t bring any positive Jewishness into his home for his children.)

    Mandy Potinkin is well known for being anti-Israel. There are lots of sites on Google for sources; just put his name and Israel as key words to find them.

    • Startofdavid

      You may well be right about. Stewart. I watch his show and he lets the haters off lightly. He’s bought into the fanatical left bull shit and doesn’t know any better


      He’s off to Israel now to do a major feature. Watch this space.

  • Paul

    God said that the Jews would be put back in their homeland and never again would they be taken out of it. On no account does He want that land divided. You either stand with God or you don’t – no inbetween. Unfortunately, it’s perfectly acceptable to be anti-Semitic (and it IS anti-Semitism) amongst the ‘intellectual’ left. They should be ashamed of themselves, but I suppose they can’t hear any alternative opinions being so high up in their ivory towers.

    • thetruthisharsh

      okay the definition of semitic is: “relating to or denoting a family of languages that includes Hebrew, Arabic, and Aramaic and certain ancient languages such as Phoenician and Akkadian, constituting the main subgroup of the Afro-Asiatic family.”
      So anti-Semitic should be against ALL those people right? But nope its just against Jews. Now who’s brainwashed and WRONG? Because what Israel is doing to Palestine is ANTI-SEMITIC.

    • ibro

      can you tell me where you have cited this from because in the quran it says the exact oppisite and that the arabs- not just us palestinians will conquer back the holy land.

  • Paul

    If Israel is ever perceived to do anything wrong, the trendy-lefties are only too quick to denounce the Jews. What appalls me is that they are suspiciously and complicitly silent when it comes to Hamas attacking Israel. Also, where is their condemnation of the butchering of the Copts in Egypt, or the government sponsoring of fanatics in Syria who have already put thousands of Christians on notice to leave, and who eat their victims’ organs? Criticising Israel carries a lot of kudos amongst leftist fascists, and it helps to deflect from genuine human rights abuses in the Middle East.

    • dcdoc

      The guy whose heart was cut from his chest and eaten was one of Assad’s troops, the guy who did it for all to see and be “inspired” or terrified by his ferocity was one of the rebels.

  • Paul

    Kim Kardashian got absolutely slated by the leftist lobby for daring to support Israel on some social network months ago. Her family originate from a country (Armenia) which suffered a terrible genocide at the beginning of last century. Shouldn’t she at least be able to voice an opinion in a country that is purportedly free? The leftie ‘intellectuals’ showed their true colours by silencing her so absolutely. How dare they.

    • Ali

      You are quite the fool. She was slammed because she gave her support for both Israel and Palestine during the bombings. Pro-Zionists slammed her for even acknowledging the Palestinian people, as they are brainwashed and generally do.

  • Starofdavid

    Can we please stop considering active BDSholes as legitimate left.


    There is no other sensible explanation for their lies and filth

    • thetruthisharsh

      Yeah its not against jews…it’s against the people who think it’s okay to go into Palestine (Gaza) and steal land that isn’t theirs, raid houses for no reason, kill, torture and injure innocent people and arrest people for crimes they have committed themselves…
      Of course if you want to make this a Jew/ anti-Jew thing then go ahead…but remember where the Jews were accepted when they escaped from Germany…and then maybe you’ll realize that it’s strictly a stand we’re taking against people who have no idea what human rights are.

  • dcdoc

    Those who post here names of “celebrities” who have made themselves known as enemies of Israel, should provide links to substantiate that the individuals they have named are indeed anti-Israel. I have no idea why some people are called out and would like to see the evidence that supports the charge of being anti-Israel.

    Also, Aussie Dave ought to re-order his list, alphabetizing by last name, as these things are almost always done, rather than by first name, as they are rarely done.

  • Ali

    Israel is losing support at an alarming rate, and it will eventually fall like South African apartheid.

    Add Stephen Hawking, Stevie Wonder, and Dustin Hoffman to the list, they boycotted Israel.

    The list shouldn’t be called anti-Israel. It should be called anti-Apartheid celebrities or pro-Peace celebrities.

    • Dafna Yee

      Since Israel is NOT an apartheid state in any way, shape or form, people who jump on the bandwagon to boycott Israel, are using the non-existent apartheid label to vent their ANTI-ISRAEL feelings! Since the boycott hurts Palestinians more than Israelis, it is obvious that BDSholes are neither anti-apartheid or pro-peace! And don’t you worry your very little brain about Israel losing support; Israel will get on very well without the likes of you!!

      • Ali

        This makes me very upset. You sound just like the boers of South African Apartheid. Soon, you will find yourself on the wrong side of history.
        Like the great Nelson Mandela, vanquisher of apartheid said:
        “We know too well that our freedom is incomplete without the freedom of the Palestinians.”

        • Dafna Yee

          As I said, Israel is not now, nor has it ever been, an apartheid state! Israeli Arabs have full rights of citizens, they can elect Palestinian representatives to the Knesset (there are several in office right now), they enjoy freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom to have equal educations, freedom to work in any job that they are qualified for, etc., etc., etc. In fact, Palestinian Arabs enjoy more freedoms in Israel than they do in ANY ARAB COUNTRY!! Why don’t you try doing some of your own research for a change, instead of parroting what you’ve been told. I’d suggest that you go to Israel where it is clear to anyone who looks for themselves, instead of blindly following what others have to say, that there is no apartheid going on, but I’m sure you wouldn’t go. Since I have been to Israel, in addition to being an Israel historian for over 30 years, none of the nonsense propaganda that you are saying is at all impressive.

          • Ali

            You are easily brainwashed. How do you think it would look for Israel if they had no Arab citizens and no Arabs in the Knesset? You will realize you have a problem when you realize that Arabs account for over 20% of the population and only 10% of the Knesset.

            Apartheid is when two groups of people occupy the same area and one uses military strength to rule over the other, less powerful group; exactly the case of the Israelis controlling and ethnically cleansing the Palestinians who are Muslim, Christian, and even Jewish.

            I’m deeply sorry you have to be trapped by the bars of bigotry, and I’m glad that the number of people like you is decreasing.

          • Ariane Mann

            Well said

  • yuri

    I know of actor Dustin Hoffman jewish himself being against israel. Many a times called a self hating jew.

  • Yoram

    I need to tell you this:

    Patti Smith is NOT to be taken serious. She is just another attentionwhore and wannabe-activist, and she only rails against Israel and the US because she knows that she will appeal to a lot of people and that her music wont be banned there!

    Just a fucking attentionwhore.

    • dcdoc

      And how exactly does any of that distinguish her from so many others on the list?

      • Yoram

        She is often shown as a “rebell” or “protestsinger” but is none of that. Her interview In the Amnesty International Paper is SICK.

        And yes, it doesnt really distuinguish her from the others.

        I wonder what she has to say about China, Iran, Russia and Saudi Arabia.

        • dcdoc

          “I wonder what she has to say about China, Iran, Russia and Saudi Arabia.”

          Dunno, but maybe she has protested China’s treatment of Tibet, since that is a “popular” cause, not unlike protests of Arab Sudan’s treatment of non-Darfuris. And maybe she protested Russia’s prosecution/persecution of Pussy Riot because that involved “art.” Dunno. And maybe she protested the suppression of Iranians voting after rigged elections, but rather doubt it. I would be very surprised if she ever protested any of Saudi Arabia’s outrages.

          • Yoram

            Maybe she sees Saudi Arabia and the Iranian Government as “noble savages” that have to be “respected”.

            • dcdoc

              No, it’s the multi-culti thing which dictates that no matter how barbaric, repugnant, etc., so long as they are seen as “of color,” they get a pass, if not praise. Jews are “white” and get it on the “colonialist” score, as well as both the “old” and “new” anti-Semitism.

  • cico

    ah ah ah

  • robert fantina

    Shouldn’t Bruce Springsteen, Stevie Wonder and The Killers be on this list?

  • robert fantina

    Shouldn’t Bruce Springsteen, Stevie Wonder and The Killers be on this list?

  • Knoxville153

    Anyone with an ounce of common sense and understanding of modern history should be on this list.(no offence)

    -A British Jew

  • reuven

    Add that damned Susan Sarandon to the list.

  • Reuven

    Add that damned Susan Sarandon to the list.

  • Joshua420

    Put me on please

  • Bill Williamson

    Legendary American Top 40 host Casey Kasem he’s of Lebanese decent and support all pro Arab causes including Pro-Palestinian advocacy.

  • thetruthisharsh

    Finally some celebrities with a brain and a heart!
    I applaud them!

  • AussieDave

    You are not a celebrity, just some regular moron

  • Mussonov

    you forgot Christiano Ronaldo the footballer and The scientist Steven Hawkins?

    Also the footballer who did the anti semetic reverse nazi hail…forgot his name Anelka?

  • The Helper

    Primal Screams Bobby Gillespie.

    Gillespie was criticised for defacing a Make Poverty History poster signed by all the acts at the Glastonbury Festival in 2005.
    Gillespie scribbled over this and wrote “Make Israel History.”

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