The Horrendous Mr Jones

Hardly newsworthy: Arthur Jones, a retired insurance salesman in Chicago and three-time congressional candidate,  finished in last-place in the March Republican primary.

Newsworthy: He’s blamed his poor showing on a report by a local reporter who outed him as an anti-Semite and xenophobe.

Israellycool-worthy: He’s not denying his antisemitism, but is just pissed that the reporter focused on his Holocaust denial, and not his other valuable work against the Joooos!

Would you buy insurance from this man?

A 64-year-old retired insurance salesman in Chicago and three-time congressional candidate is blaming his last-place finish in the March Republican primary on a local reporter who outed him as an anti-Semite and xenophobe.

Arthur Jones, who has been known to organize “family friendly” celebrations at a local restaurant on Adolf Hitler’s birthday, believes he would have won the election had local reporter Lorraine Swanson not revealed his longstanding ties to neo-Nazis and objectionable views on the Holocaust and Israel at the end of February.

“Lorraine Swanson, you are very deceptive and cowardly to headline the story you wrote as if I was campaigning against the Holocaust. I care deeply about the way our country is being manipulated by the Jews and Israeli Lobby toward another war,” Jones wrote in an email to Swanson after her article appeared. “Yet you apparently care more about the damn Holocaust liars than you do about your own country. Your treason against America is revolting.”

On March 20, Jones received 3,851 votes, about 10%, in the Republican primary for Illinois’ third congressional district, currently held by Democrat Dan Lipinski.

“Philosophically, I’m a National Socialist,” admitted Jones, who said the only party he officially belongs to is the one he founded, the America First Committee.

On his campaign website, Jones accuses “racist criminal Zionist Israel” of carrying out a decades-long war against the Christian community in the Holy Land:

“This is UNACCEPTABLE [all caps his]. This cannot go on, but it is going on — hugely subsidized by the U.S. which gives more of our taxes to parasite Israel than any other nation on earth — more than $8 million dollars every single day.  The Israeli government than [sic] takes our money to fund AIPAC, the most powerful lobby in Washington, which turns around and buys off our politicians so that they can continue voting for Israel. Those who refuse to be bought off are scared off by the ADL which will smear them with the bogus anti-Semite tag.”

Jones also blames Israel and the American Jewish lobby for masterminding the 9/11 attacks and, in his interview with Swanson, called the Holocaust “the blackest lie in history” and a Jewish “international extortion racket.”

Don’t you just love how such a blatant antisemite has the chutzpah to complain people like him are labelled with the “bogus antisemite tag”? This is thanks to the acceptability of using criticism of Israel as a smokescreen for antisemitism. 

However, Jones is not clever enough to hide his hatred for Jews, unlike many others like him.

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  • Jim from Iowa

    You’re like a house on fire today, Dave. I thought you said you were going to slow down during Passover. I have to admit I am perplexed by your observation that you thought Mr. Jones could conceal his anti-Semitism because of the widespread criticism of Israel as a smokescreen for the critics’ anti-Semitism. A much bigger problem for us on the political left who care about Israel and the need to fight anti-Semitism is the practice of labelling any criticism of Israel as anti-Semitic.

    • Aussie Dave

      That is exactly my point. Antisemites feel they can use the “all criticism of Israel is labelled anti-Semitic” defence.

    • Shy Guy

      Jim from Iowa says:
      April 12, 2012 at 2:53 pm

      A much bigger problem for us on the political left who care about Israel…

      For so few people, it doesn’t pay to cook.

      • Jim from Iowa

        I like Shrimpy. Bonus points for including pro-Obama advertisement preceeding the Swedish Chef. Filet de Shy Guy hoosker du. Djork, djork, djork djork!

    • dcdoc

      “Those on the political left who care about Israel and the need to fight antisemitism” may have such a problem, but how consequential a problem is it? Trivially small, especially in comparison to that of the huge one of “functional” antisemitism that emanates from “Progressives.” (“Functional” antisemitism may not in every case be motivated by Jew-hatred as such, but it serves the same purposes, aiming to demonize and delegitimize Jews and Israel.)

      “However, Jones is not clever enough to hide his hatred for Jews, unlike many others like him.” Unlike many others like him except that the majority of those others are over on the Left.

      • Jim from Iowa

        The introduction of some specificity might help the discussion here. The elements the ADL uses in determining anti-Israel speech and behavior as anti-Semitic is useful. When Pamela Geller (Atlas Shrugs) and Robert Spencer (Jihad Watch) repeatedly label President Obama’s White House as anti-Semitic none of these ADL-defined elements exist to justify such criticism. These irresponsible attacks destroy any chance for constructive and civil dialogue and because they are widely read, do great damage to efforts to fight genuine anti-Semitism wrapped in anti-Israel positions taken by some on the political left and others.

        • Shy Guy

          Once again, facts hurt the Iowan. tsk.

          ADL? Are you joking?!

          • Jim from Iowa

            Even in your alternate reality, I would assume there is a distinction between lies and truth. Under any rational construct, no one could make the case that the Obama White House is anti-Semitic. Except crazy people like Pamela Geller and you. As Reagan once said, “Facts are stupid things.”

            • Shy Guy

              Ignorant leftist Iowan apologizer-in-chief:

              Caroline Glick: Daylight – The Story of Obama and Israel

              You are simply pathetic in you endless blathering and cheerleading for that jackass of a nobody you voted for to drag a decent country down to the garbage heap.

              • Jim from Iowa

                You are so invested in your hatred for President Obama, you are incapable of rational analysis. You really should ask yourself why that might be. I’ll grant you that in today’s political climate you are not alone in this irrational hatred. But it doesn’t serve you well. At least Rush Limbaugh became a multi-millionaire in spewing his right-wing hatred. What are you getting out of all of this hatred?

                • Shy Guy

                  So you’re saying Glick is irrational. That’s what all your arguments boil donw to in the face of events, quotes, news and consequences.

                  Once again, facts are a stubborn thing.

                  • Jim from Iowa

                    I am saying anyone who can’t see the difference between honest policy disagreements and Jew-hatred is irrational.

            • Shy Guy

              Jim from Iowa says:
              April 15, 2012 at 5:42 pm

              As Reagan once said, “Facts are stupid things.”

              Aw, look who combs the Democratic Underground for witty things to say!

              Most important is that Reagan intended to quote founding father John Adams, who said: “facts are stubborn things.”

              Thanks for proving my point – again and again.

  • Travis

    Sounds like a lovely fellow – probably supports Ron Paul.

  • Jawbone of an Ass

    He sounds a lot like anarcho-fascist ‘progressive’ blogger Glenn Greenwald who in his own column in, commented recently that one of the great disappointments of his life is that he’s not old enough to have been able to help the Nazis march in Skokie, Il in that famous attempt years ago (Skokie, at one time had the largest population of Shoah survivors in the US). Mr. Greenwald is also famous for having legally defended white supremacist neo Nazi and white Christian identity leader Matt Hale in court when the Illinois Bar refused to grant him a law licence.

  • Naftali

    Yes, we know ALL about those on the left, who really really love us and just want to help us get rid of our genocidal ways. They boycott us because they LOVE us.

    I think they are all racists, because they obviously hate the Syrians because none of them give the same kind of critical love to Syria. No loving flotillas for the Syrians being butchered.

    Spare us your “caring”

    • dcdoc

      Ditto as far as that sizable portion of the Left you have in mind.

  • SerJew

    I just loved his “Philosophically, I´m a National-Socialist”. How candid. Just like Streicher, Goebbels, Borman and Göring.

    • SerJew

      Oh, I forgot Oberalzheimerführer Günther Grass.

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