We Don’t Just Hate Jews! Oh No, We Don’t Like Christians Either


The excellent CBN has a great new angle on the Soros backed Media Matters “watchdog” so favoured by the White House (careful calling yourself a “watchdog” guys, you might get eaten!). You know the one which fired the excreble Jew hating Jew, M.J. Rosenberg (MJ-firster) last week.

WASHINGTON — An influential organization with ties to the White House came under fire recently for attacking Christian news outlets.

Now, CBN News has obtained a document showing that the very foundation of the group known as Media Matters for America is built on anti-Christian bias.

Faith Groups in Crosshairs

Media Matters is a non-profit liberal watchdog group that has the ear of not only the mainstream media, but also the Obama administration.

As part of its strategy, Media Matters frequently targets Christian organizations in an effort to counter what it views as pro-Christian “bias in news reporting and analysis by the American media.”

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