Creatively Messing Up The Stream


Al Jazeera Stream, where all the world’s anti-Israel crowd can gather.

Obviously, they had to commemorate the “Nakba”, but to not appear as a terrorist supporting organization, AJ had a nice, easy to swallow topic: Creatively Resisting Occupation.

May 15th marks the 64th anniversary of the Nakba – what Palestinians refer to as the day of “catastrophe” – in which hundreds of thousands were displaced after the establishment of the state of Israel.

An emerging generation of Palestinian activists is using art, music and theatre as a form of nonviolent protest against the Israeli occupation. This artistic resistance not only challenges occupation, but also challenges their societies.

In this episode of The Stream, we speak to Mark Levine (@culturejamming), professor of Middle East History at UC Irvine, and we engage our community in a Google Plus hangout.

What do you think? Will creative resistance be effective? Send us your thoughts and comments on Facebook or Twitter using hashtag #AJStream.

This is what they think:

Next we have one of those weird outlines of Israel, not correct according to any actual map, showing how the Palestinian territories are referred to in different languages on Wikipedia.

Notably missing: Hebrew. Maybe they learned their lesson when using Google Translate (Aussie Dave notes: the Hebrew translates as “Free Palestine”, but “Free” in the context of “free of charge.” And in the wrong word order.)

After stealing Tu-Bishvat, now it’s the remembrance sirens.

Is anyone else waiting for the year 2548, to see if they can really stand for 10 minutes?

But how can we have an anti-Israel hatefest on Al Jazeera without pet antisemite Latuff?

He probably drew it with an computer running on Intel Catastrophechip.

Tel-Aviv Arab student cells and crazy leftist cells (can anyone tell the difference?) had a “Nakba” day on campus. Due to this event being publicized on the internet, a pro-Israel crowd attended as well, and when I say attended, I mean out-numbered them.

Naturally, they couldn’t resist Hartman’s version of the caption “All of Israel celebrating 64 years of independence, despite Left-wing anti #Israel protest at Tel Aviv university”. No, I mean it. Judging from the online reactions, even Israelis affiliated with the left, but who have a conscience, went to the rally. Alas, every Pro-Israeli is automatically branded as “right wing.”

Here’s for many happy returns. Pun intended.

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