Education For The Young Muslim Bride

My friend over at Blazing Catfur provides us with this gem, provided in the Perfect Muslim Marriage Guidelines as an example for young brides to follow.




 Head lopping heart warming stuff.

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  • Blazingcatfur

    The Family that Slays Together….

  • Shy Guy

    Looks like she could pop her son’s head on her neck stump.

  • Norman B.

    And what does the feminist cohort have to say about this? Ah, the sound of crickets chirping in the meadow.

  • Lena

    That’s some creative cartooning, alright…..

  • SerJew

    I´d like to see a continuation when Ace and Gary from the Ambiguously Gay Duo meet this healthy muslim family.

  • Hundra the Warrior Woman

    I couldn’t help but notice that even in cartoons the women are faceless.

  • http://Values. Jack

    Ya gotta have values in todays world…… no one said they had to make sense. If this is for real…..

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