60 Minutes On Tel Aviv

60 Minutes recently aired this segment on Tel Aviv, which has many people talking.

Overall, I did not find the story offensive, and actually tend to agree with Honest Reporting that it may be penance for Simon’s recent hit job on Israel. However, I do have the following gripes:

  • Simon characterizion of Tel Aviv as “Israel’s largest city.” That’s just plain sloppy journalism, considering Jerusalem is Israel’s largest city. By far.
  • Simon characterizion of Tel Aviv as a “latter day Sodom.” I think that’s a bit harsh (although I’m sure some of my commenters won’t)
  • Gideon Levy’s claim there is no political debate in Israel. Say what?
  • What was with Bob Simon’s reaction to Yossi Vardi’s opinion that Jewish mothers are behind Israel’s hi tech success?
  • Simon’s claim that Gideon Levy is one of the few Israeli civilians who has contact with palestinians. This is a complete lie. A large percentage of Israelis have contact with palestinians, who are still allowed into Israel for work, education and medical care.

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  • ziontruth

    “Simon characterizion of Tel Aviv as a ‘latter day Sodom.’ ”

    Nope. That title still goes to San Francisco.

    “Gideon Levy’s claim there is no political debate in Israel. Say what?”

    A half-truth. There’s nothing to stop a debate being held, it’s just that Levy shouldn’t expect much enthusiasm debating the propositions he and his ilk make, seeing as they’ve fallen out of favor with a large swathe of the Israeli Jewish public.

    “Simon’s claim that Gideon Levy is one of the few Israeli civilians who has contact with palestinians. This is a complete lie.”

    Gotta see this from Levy’s point of view to understand: By “contact” he means acceptance of their narrative. All other types of contact, no matter if it’s in the context of work, education or medical care, don’t qualify as real contact in Levy’s eyes because they’re from the “Orientalist’s downward stare at the oppressed native” or something like that. You’re either an “oppressor” or a “patronizing colonial” unless you grovel before the superiority of the “native Other.” That’s how Far Leftists think.

    • Norman B.

      The title of “latter day Sodom” belongs to Bangkok. The name says it all.

      • ziontruth

        They must be twin cities, then, just like Sodom and the other one that went down at the same time.

    • walt kovacs

      as a native and former resident of sf, i take umbrage at the assertion that it is a latter day sdom

      its pretty effed up, but nowhere near the depravity of sdom

  • Jim from Iowa

    Yes. Yes. Yes. This is the kind of post that has made AussieDave world-famous in Beit Shemesh (or wherever he’s from). Even for an American some of the characterizations in this 12 minute report had me scratching my head. But it was great to see a report focused on how some Israelis live their lives and how they look at themselves and their place in the world. I can’t get enough of this kind of stuff. As for Bob Simon’s facial expression in response to the comment about Jewish mothers, I really thought something he drank went down the wrong way.

  • Norman B.

    On Dave’s points, Tel Aviv may not be Israel’s largest city, but its metropolitan area is, I would say, larger than Jerusalem’s. Gideon Levy is a stalwart at Ha’aretz, which Simon didn’t dare mention because he knows that most American Jews regard Ha’aretz as a left-wing fringe paper. As for Simon’s reaction to the “Jewish mother” crack, it apparently hit close to home.

    I saw the piece and liked it, even though Simon seems to have a problem with the concept of living on the edge. Even before 1948, Tel Aviv was already both cultured and hedonistic. If Theodor Herzl were alive today, he would fit right in, hanging out at the more genteel cafes and frequenting the theater.

    • Jim from Iowa

      This might be projection of my views onto Mr. Simon’s, but I thought he was voicing frustration that there hasn’t been more progress made in ending the conflict with the Arabs.

      • Norman B.

        That’s the fashionable posture of most ignorant reporters. As I said earlier, they are locked into denial of Arab ill will.

      • ziontruth

        He might want to vent that frustration onto the Arabs. On second thought, maybe not. For the same reason “freedom” flotillas to North Korea are scarcer than those sailing to the direction of the Jewish State.

  • walt kovacs

    gideon levy is proof positive that phd’s arent worth the paper they are printed on

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