60 Minutes On Tel Aviv


60 Minutes recently aired this segment on Tel Aviv, which has many people talking.

Overall, I did not find the story offensive, and actually tend to agree with Honest Reporting that it may be penance for Simon’s recent hit job on Israel. However, I do have the following gripes:

  • Simon characterizion of Tel Aviv as “Israel’s largest city.” That’s just plain sloppy journalism, considering Jerusalem is Israel’s largest city. By far.
  • Simon characterizion of Tel Aviv as a “latter day Sodom.” I think that’s a bit harsh (although I’m sure some of my commenters won’t)
  • Gideon Levy’s claim there is no political debate in Israel. Say what?
  • What was with Bob Simon’s reaction to Yossi Vardi’s opinion that Jewish mothers are behind Israel’s hi tech success?
  • Simon’s claim that Gideon Levy is one of the few Israeli civilians who has contact with palestinians. This is a complete lie. A large percentage of Israelis have contact with palestinians, who are still allowed into Israel for work, education and medical care.

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