Win A Night Out With Aussie Dave

For $20,000, I'll turn up like this

After reading these posts by my friend at Jewlicious, I have to wonder: Is this a market opportunity I simply missed?

So after much contemplation, I am offering the following deals: 

$5,000 gets you a meeting with me. You also get to buy me dinner.

$10,000 and I’ll throw in some karaoke singing.

$15,000 and you get to take me to a vegetarian restaurant instead of a meat one.

$100,000 if you are an Islamic terrorist. But I get to choose the destination.

I would also offer deals for Brian of London, Zionist Shark and Judge Dan, but I’m not sure for what price they’ll sell out.

About Aussie Dave

An Aussie immigrant to Israel, Aussie Dave is founder and managing editor of Israellycool, one of the world's most popular pro-Israel blogs (and the one you are currently reading) He is a happy family man, and a lover of steak, Australian sports and girlie drinks

Facebook Comments

  • Brian of London

    Anyone need a pick up from the airport?

  • Zionist Shark

    Ooh fun! This is like Kickstarter: Zionist Edition.

    I’m still contemplating how much my delightful company is worth. In the meantime, the foundation upon which this epic evening will be built will be comprised of chummus, falafel, shwarma, & sabich, as you will accompany me on a culinary tour of my favorite Israeli street food joints…………………….

    …………………….um………..what were we talking about?

    * As far as payment is concerned, in the near future, you will have the distinct honor and pleasure of paying in shekels instead of dollars. Stay tuned for more on that subject.

  • dcdoc

    Is this an opportunity you are prepared to offer your ardent admirer Richard Silverstein?

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