Prime Minister Netanyahu’s Message For US Independence Day

At his eloquent best, with a bit of humor thrown in.

Happy Independence Day to our US readers.

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  • Jim from Iowa

    Thanks Bibi. And try not to slobber all over Mitt Romney when he comes to visit later this month. I know you want him to beat Obama, but don’t make it look so obvious.

    • Shy Guy

      November blues so soon?!


      • Jim from Iowa

        Happy Birthday to you, my fellow American. Best new thing for this occasion: spiral-sliced hot dogs on the grill. More charred meat goodness in every bite!

        • Shy Guy

          Nothing chars on my Weber. Bring’em on!

        • Shy Guy

          I had no idea what you were originally referring to until a friend emailed me the viral video link:

          Spiralize your hot dogs

  • Norman B.

    Like Jim and Shy Guy, I am also a proud American, having served honorably in war. Therefore to honor my country, here is a ballad about an obscure hero of the American frontier sung by the lovely Jennifer Grey.

    • Aussie Dave

      That is one big bowl of awesome right there

    • Shy Guy

      I’m thinking of starting up a coon-skin shtreimel company.

  • ziontruth

    Just watched the video. I sure hope there’s no medical condition called “Platitude Overdose,” because after that speech, Bibi would be susceptible to it. What a torrent of misplaced optimism about the region and lofty ideals that our enemies are only too glad to use against us!

    • Jim from Iowa

      So he laid it on a little thick. What’s a little schmaltz between friends? I could see Obama reciprocate on Israel’s Independence Day next spring. President Obama could be pictured with a big box of Streit’s Matzos and a picture of Netanyahu and he could say something like: “Damn, that’s one big ass cracker!”

      • Shy Guy

        Jim from Iowa says:
        July 4, 2012 at 7:52 pm

        I could see Obama reciprocate on Israel’s Independence Day next spring.


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