Ynet Fooled By Fake El Al Story

Last week I showed how the “El Al has the most beautiful stewardesses in the world” story was likely bunk.

Over a week later, Ynet reports the story as fact.

The Association of Flight Attendants, the world’s largest labor union for flight attendants announced on Saturday that Israeli airline El Al is first place of the ten airlines with most beautiful flight attendants in the world.

The selection was first reported in China over the weekend, where it was explained that the sweet smile of Israeli flight attendants made them the first choice for many travelers.

El Al did not receive an official announcement on its win yet. The company’s response stated that El Al is “proud of its flight attendants around the world, and the service it offers its passengers.”

The airline in the second place is the Aerolineas Argentinas, and third is Shanghai Airlines. Asian airlines dominate the list of the top 10 most beautiful flight attendants of the world by AFA, occupying seven places.

Last year a similar survey was made by an airline review website, where Singapore airlines flight attendants were crowned first place.

Let’s look at all the Ynet fails here.

  • Reporting a story over a week late and well after blogs? Check
  • Reporting a story without doing any due diligence? Check
  • Changing the name of the non-existent “World Air Hostesses Association” mentioned in the original Chinese report to “Association of Flight Attendants”? Check 
  • Reporting the announcement date as Saturday (July 7th), over a week after the announcement was supposedly made? Check
  • Ignoring El Al’s lack of an official announcement as a strong indicator the story is a hoax? Check

With sloppy reporting like this, it is no wonder Ynet has been caught plagiarizing and committing other heinous sins.

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  • Jim from Iowa

    On the up side, Ynet is not funded by Sheldon Adelson like Israel Hayom nor do you have to deal with a pay wall like Ha’aretz. Reading IsraellyCool has its own rewards. Not reward points like sky miles, but a feeling of deep satisfaction which defies an adequate description. Like the smell of apple pie right out of the oven or experiencing the public humiliation of celebrity Scientologists like Tom Cruise. Life is good.

    • Shy Guy

      Once again, showing your ignorance. Adelson is an honest engine compared to the drek at Ynet, run by Israel’s Yediot Acharonot paper, managed by Nuni Moses, with crooks and jerks like Gilad Sharon and Yair Lapid writing columns for them.

      • Jim from Iowa

        Oh, please. Sheldon Adelson is no choir boy. He wants the political outcome he wants for his own purposes and he’ll pay a lot of money to try to make it happen. Are you really that naive, Shy Guy?

        • Shy Guy

          That wasn’t my point. The point was compared to the goons running Yediot and its Ynet site, Adelson is a straight man.

          But you not having any knowledge of Yediot and the guys that run it, chose to give a very poor example in comparison.

        • tom

          Even as a clear non-Netanyahu-fan I have to say Adelson at least is “transparent” and one knows what his interests are.
          Ynet, Walla, Haaretz and so on clearly try to put an agenda which serves their political views and might even change over night, depending on the weather or who knows what…

          • Jim from Iowa

            Is that what we’ve come to in accepting a media source, transparency? I suspect Sheldon Adelson hates Ha’aretz more than you and Shy Guy and would love to destroy it through circulation of a competing free daily newspaper in Israel Hayom. That and blindly supporting Netanyahu no matter what he does.

            • tom

              yes, everyone knows that.
              The world be much better off without “Haaretz” anyway, if he’s supporting Netanyahu or not (I know he does). This toilet paper better name itself “El Ard”, because that’s their real targeted audience.
              We don’t need more pro-Arab newspaper/media. For this the world (unfortunately) has Al Jazeera, BBC Arabic, BBC One, BBC Two, BBC World ok all of the BBC and Sky News (also available in your native Arabic dialect of choice)

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