Ynet Removes Evidence Of Their Sloppiness

A few days ago, I posted how Ynetnews was fooled by the fake “El Al stewardess” story.

At the time, I alerted Ynet to their error via their comment form. Ynet’s response was to refuse to publish my comments.

Oh, and to remove all evidence of their report.

Forget supposed Most Beautiful Stewardesses in the World awards. Let’s have a Most Unprofessional Media Outlet in Israel awards.

I’m sure Ynet would be right up there.

Update: Thanks to Challah, here’s a link to the cache of the now removed post.

And a screenshot:

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  • http://challahhuakbar.blogspot.com/ Challah Hu Akbar

    Add some screenshots :)

    • http://www.israellycool.com/ Aussie Dave


  • Jim from Iowa

    AussieDave, bringing the Israeli fourth estate to its knees. Now, must press for Hebrew language Jumble puzzle in all Israeli media outlets.

    • Norman B.

      I prefer sudoku.