I’m Taxed Without Representation


Catching up on posts I should have written last week is another trip to Jerusalem for a press conference organised by iVoteIsrael.com. They brought former White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer and the Executive Director of the Republican Jewish Coalition, Matt Brooks to Israel as part of their push to get Israelis who are eligable to register to vote in the upcoming presidential elections.

While these two guests represented the Republican side, iVoteIsrael.com is not partisan and will bring Democrats some other time. I wonder if they have any time for Romulans too?

I drove up in the Better Place car and, owing to a weird set of circumstances I had to switch both on the way there and back. No biggie and I did park right outside the venue, even if it involved a 3 wheels on the curb piece of parking that I should have photographed. I also gave a lift to the Jewlicious Michelle as Ari Fleischer decided she should be called. And the non-existant wine that I didn’t drink must have gone to my head because I let her drive my car through a battery switch on the way home!

I asked Ari two questions, one serious, one not. The first question was about Obama’s fraudulent credit card fund raising and whether the Republicans have any intention of acting on the information about this. I got a brush off: we’ll look into it.

The second question from a twitter follower of mine got a straight answer: does he miss being called the “cute Jewish guy standing next to the President”. No, his mother still calls him that.

Whatever my success with pretending to be a White House correspondent, I certainly am less of a Jew hater than Helen Thomas and I applaud their aims. It turns out that Israeli Americans vote 2 to 1 for Republicans so anything we can do to get more of them acting to turf out Obama is a good thing in my book!

And as for the title: I have a business in the US. It’s registered for tax but as I’m not a US citizen I have no representation over there. No taxation without representation: not working out so well for me!

If you can vote, please go to iVoteIsrael.com and they will help you register. Do it NOW (but only if you’re not still an Obama supporter OK?)


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