Bibi’s Ramadan Greetings

Different in tone and style from Shimon Peres’ Ramadan ‘Sunscreen Song.’

And here’s a further Netanyahu message for Ramadan:

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  • Jim from Iowa

    How about a heartfelt IsraellyCool message for Ramadan?

    • Inessa

      It’s an interesting contrast: Jews can break any commandment (even Yom Kippur) to save a life. Muslims seem to be allowed to break Rammadan do long as they take lives. Enough said.

  • ziontruth

    This year Ramadan falls on the greatest heat of the summer, with a heat wave to boot (at least here in Israel—it’s 35 in the shade). Gonna be a lot of faintin’ all around, especially as a month-long daytime fast doesn’t encourage Muslims to prepare themselves for it adequately the way the Jews do for their fasts.

  • jon

    look at the youtube comments

  • Ephraim

    Maybe the Muslims should do us a favor and starve themselves all to death this Ramadan.

  • JF

    May the Hebrew-impaired among us please be given a translation – or at least an abstract – of Netanyahu’s Ramadan message?

    Thank you.

    • Aussie Dave

      The video has English subtitles. Ensure captions are enabled (CC) when viewing.

      • JF

        I’m also you-tube impaired!

        Thank you.

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