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I guess this can be considered to be a false flag operation.

Syrian rebels who captured the Bab Al-Hawa border crossing with Turkey last week have been destroying symbols of the old regime and its backers found in the border-control building. But an amateur video posted on Youtube shows the men to be inexpert in distinguishing those they consider allies from those they regard as enemies.

In the video, posted last Thursday soon after the crossing was captured, they burn what they say is an Iranian flag. In fact, it is Palestinian.

The men identify themselves as belonging to the little-known Revolutionary Armored Brigade and the Mujahideen Shoura Council. The cameraman declares that they are burning the Iranian flag as they set flame to the Palestinian flag, as well as to a portrait of deceased Syrian president Hafez Assad and a banner of the IHH, an Islamic Turkish NGO which funded the Gaza flotilla in which nine Turkish citizens were killed when IDF commandos stormed their vessel in May 2010.

“We are doing this in support of our brothers in [the Syrian towns of] Banias and Daraa, and in memory of the victims of the Treimseh massacre,” says the cameraman. “We are burning the picture of the buried one [the late Assad] who burned this country.”

“Our brothers the Mujahedeen, our brothers the Free Syrian Army, you are all united against the dictators, against Russia, against China and against Iran. You stand against [Hezbollah chief] Hassan Nasrallah who claims to be for the resistance, but he is a liar.”

For future reference, Mr Revolutionary Armored Brigade and the Mujahideen Shoura Council dudes, this is the Iranian flag:

Don’t thank me, I’m a giver.

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  • Gaia


  • Gaia

    I was discussing in another forum this topic, and someone told me that the flag, even looks the same as the Palestinian’s, belongs to Ba’ath Party (Syria)and represents the Iran / shite rule in Syria .

    • STV

      It’s the colours of the pan-Arab revolt (1916, I think)and a tonne of countries or groups use the same design or a variation of it.

  • Travis

    Is it just me but I want this war to continue for a long, long time. Arab terrorists (the Baathists) fighting Arab terrorists (Islamists) makes me happy.

    • Jim from Iowa

      Don’t you see the possibility that chaos in Syria might eventually have an adverse impact on Israelis? Like chemical weapons ending up in the hands of Hezbollah? Like Al Qaeda and other Islamist terrorist groups setting up operational bases within easy striking distance of Israel? I want Al Assad gone but I do not want to see Syria become a failed state harboring anti-Israel terrorists.

      • Travis

        Hezbollah already has weapons. I am sick of the “stability” mantra. Assad is a bad, bad guy – an Iranian stooge and responsible for too many American deaths but the people fighting him are no good either. Let them destroy each other. Iran v. Iraq (1980 -88 )was a God send to freedom lovers every where.

        • Jim from Iowa

          It’s not a mantra. I’m making a reasoned argument. Repeating “AussieDave makes my life complete. AusssieDave makes my life complete. AussieDave makes my life complete.” That is a mantra.

          • Travis

            Aussie Dave is a smart guy but I do not worship him as the Left worships Obama (although I admire AussieDave for incurring Debbie Schlussel’s irrational hatred). He is a man like any other man and it would be good if the Left felt the same way about Obama.

            “Remember thou art mortal” is what a slave whispered in the ear of Roman generals in a chariot being given a triumph in Rome. I wish someone would say that to the Teleprompter-in-chief.

            • Jim from Iowa

              “You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin'” for our Blogger-In-Chief, AussieDave? A mere mortal, perhaps, but his blog is well worth the price of admission. Remember, bandwidth is expensive.

        • SKWA

          Travis, please explain how the Iran-Iraq war was a “God send to freedom lovers everywhere”, whether it be for example Israelis or Iranians such as myself who oppose that evil Islamo-Fascist regime? On the contrary it did nothing to de-stablise the Ayatollahs who continue to hold their grip over the country and spread its tentacles everywhere across the globe through acts of terrorism and the murder of political opponents living in exile. Or I suppose the 1 million dead is what you’re really celebrating about?

      • STV

        I’m with Jim on this one (whoah, was that a pig flying?).

        Better the Devil you know. Assad knows Syria lost against Israel every time they went up against each other, the general population and particularly those who would take over don’t.

        Assad’s fear of failure is Israel’s greatest defence against war with Syria and the Status Quo is better than anything that could replace it, that’s a lesson to learn from the ‘Arab spring’.

        • Travis

          Breaking up the Tehran-Damascus-Beirut axis (or more specifically the Ahmadinejad-Assad-Nasrallah axis) might not be the worst thing in the world.

    • ziontruth


      “Assad is a bad, bad guy…”

      That he sure is. The choice is between bad and badder in the Middle East. I think the Islamist rebels in Syria are the badder party, because Assad has his material condition to think of (he’s not even a Muslim), while the Alqaeda and MB affiliated rebels have no such considerations.

      Even so, Assad, like Mubarak, could never hold forever—rare though it may be, the natural work of Mal’akh HaMavet can be relied upon if no other factor can. And then the same scenario of the rise of Islamic rule rears its ugly head. I’m no longer stressed about the rise of shariah rule to power in the Arab/Islamic world, as it’s a matter of time; all I care about is that Israel must be prepared the best to counter Islamic imperialist aggression when (when, not if) it attacks. That’s one of the major reasons why I oppose land concessions.

      “…the Tehran-Damascus-Beirut axis (or more specifically the Ahmadinejad-Assad-Nasrallah axis)…”

      I don’t think the axis would be broken by the fall of Assad, only rearranged. Iran and Hezbollah would have no problem striking an alliance against the “Zionist infidels” with a Sunni Al-Q or the MB in Syria, no more than they have a problem with supporting the Sunni Hamas in Gaza. Though Sunni and Shia are at each other’s throats normally, that doesn’t contradict their seeing eye to eye on the duty of jihad against the non-Muslim.

  • Travis

    Mrs. Clinton is as unqualified to be Secretary of State as Barack Obama is to be president.

  • http://SchunatShapira Tzuriel

    Kol hakavod al hayozma, may be good intentions but unfortunately in this case incorrect: that is the flag of the ruling Ba’ath Party. They’re burning the flag of Assad’s party. The flag is the exact same as the PLO flag – which is in turn just a Pan-Arab national flag – derived from the flag of the arab revolt against Ottoman rule in 1916-18 (mostly in the Hejaz – today southwestern Saudi Arabia).

    • http://SchunatShapira Tzuriel

      לצערי עדיך להוריד את זה כי זה יותר מעיד על בורות מצד המפיצים של הסרטון מאשר טיפשות מצד הסורים.

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