Tickled Pink Over The Koran

Old and busted: Burka Barbie

New hotness: Barbie Koran

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Riyadh – Palestine Press – and agencies – has spread in recent phenomenon of so-called (Koran Barbie), a Koran and distributed by unknown destinations are traded by women in the forums, where some see as a violation of the sanctity of the holy month and a desecration of the teachings of religion.

The preacher Sheikh Mohammed Arifi first denounced this matter on the pages of social networking sites (Facebook) and (Twitter) where he said ‘appeared COPIES colored forms strange: This color names and the names of the prophets and the names of cities and that each part of the color and the next worse please stop tampering Baqranna ‘.

Arifi and adds its note in the other saying ‘Holy Qur’an copies in red! And the other pink! And yellow! And something colored by themes! ومدري إيش!! And i dont know what!! And each one chooses according to his taste! Please do not Tstrōha Keep prestige of the Koran ‘.

It is worth mentioning that the Koran Barbie is a copy of the Book of Allaah and the pages are decorated with colored doll’s famous (Barbie), was monitored by the large turnout, especially by women, said one of the Amordat view of women living purchased for distribution to charity under way in the holy month.

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From Here To Paternity | Israellycool
04 August 2012 at 10:08pm
[...] I wonder what visual stimulus they are using to extract the sperm. A Barbie koran? ...

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  • melvin polatnick

    Freedom to a true Muslim means an open path to the Mosque. There shall be no leader but Allah; the will of the people will be expressed by Sharia Law. Satanic rulers must be removed; Islamic anarchy will become the holy order.

  • Jim from Iowa

    I’m waiting for “Fatwa Barbie” to add to my collection.

    • Shy Guy

      Every Barbie is a Fatwa Barbie.

  • Shy Guy

    Color is haram.

  • Norman B.

    What’s next? The Prophet as a cross-dresser?

  • Katya Segura

    What exactly is the religious objection to multicoloured Qu’rans?

  • Mohaddese

    Hate Israel and his satanic actions. This is just one of those satanic actions.

    It’s Allah Who is The First and The Last.

    • Norman B.

      Where is your proof that Israel printed this particular Koran? Either put up or go back to the pigpen where your religion comes from.

    • Shy Guy

      Allah is my everything.

      (Sorry, Barry).

  • jpl

    wow, I missed out on Burqua Barbie when my daughter was young. She could have brought it to Hebrew School and remind everyone how lucky they are.

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  • Sebahat Chaudhry

    Wehre can i buy this quran? I want to have 5 of them

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