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..are two Australian radio hosts who think trivializing the Holocaust is comedy gold.

Triple J breakfast hosts Tom and Alex, came under fire today from The Age for a joke they made on air during yesterday’s program pertaining to the Holocaust.

The pair of Tom Ballard and Alex Dyson played a game on their show yesterday with guest, former Spicks & Specks captain Alan Brough, in which they got listeners to call in and play a game of ‘six degrees of Hitler.’ Listeners were given a random topic – in this case wind farms – and asked to link them to Hitler.

What followed sparked the ire of many listeners, who were upset and offended when Ballard made a joke that linked wind-farms to the infamous dictator, saying “wind farms, fan-forced ovens, let’s not go there…” Though he didn’t connect the dots, the damage was already done.

Dvir Abramovich wrote in his piece for The Age today, “Why a wind farm you ask? Because it contains fans, which is linked to fan-forced ovens, which in turn connect to the Holocaust and Hitler.”

“Got it?” he writes, “fan-forced ovens were the ovens in which the corpses were burned after the victims were led into the gas chambers where they were told they were going to have a shower,” says Abramovich, who is the director of the Centre for Jewish History and Culture at the University of Melbourne.

Abramovich criticised the pair for their “truly appalling and bizarre” sense of humour, calling it a “beyond distasteful episode.” Adding, “It seems that there is no aspect or symbol of the darkest chapter in human history that is not subject to perverse abuse and cheap trivialisation.”

His incendiary Age piece goes on to flame the radio hosts for their insensitivity and the production crew at Triple J for allowing their segment to be approved, “Triple J may think that any publicity is good publicity and will lure listeners. But yesterday’s hurtful and sickening prank showcases a disturbing abdication of responsible judgment.”

Abramovich wasn’t the only one incensed by Ballard’s distasteful comedy, with the Facebook pages of both Triple J and Tom & Alex lighting up with criticisms of the pair’s Hitler ‘game.’

The youth radio station were quick to respond to the negative backlash and began damage control, issuing a statement today that reads:

“Triple J takes all complaints seriously. We recognise the concerns regarding the comments are serious. Triple J agrees the comments made were inappropriate. The matter has been followed up with the Breakfast team. Triple J regrets the matter and apologises unreservedly for any offence caused.”

Tom Ballard himself also took to social media to formally apologise for his Holocaust reference in a statement that reads:

“I’m very sorry that on my breakfast radio program, I offended and upset a lot of people. That’s not what I like doing; I like making people laugh and I like making people happy.

I never set out to vindictively offend or belittle anyone or any group with my comedy, that’s not what I’m about. I sincerely apologize that’s how I came across in this instance. (Tom)”

What the above report does not mention is before the apology, Ballard  was anything but repentant:

And even compared himself to some comedy greats:

I guess Ballard fails to realize the difference is these greats were making fun of the Nazis, and not the victims.

And they are actually funny.

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  • Jim from Iowa

    I hope they’re truly repentant. I don’t know anything about their style of humor, but hopefully they’ve learned something from this experience. Rape jokes are never funny in my book. 9-11 jokes are never appropriate. AFLAC rightly fired Gilbert Gottfried as the voice of the AFLAC duck after he made a joke right after the tsunami in Japan. And, of course, the Holocaust. Some things are just not a suitable subject for humor.

  • Zionist Killer Bee

    I see no reason why they shouldn’t be enrolled by us into some neo nazi group there. I’m sure there are entrance forms. And then advertise it. The new neo Nazi radio show. Keep going until they are driven from the air for good. Forever.

  • just a point

    I’m not saying that Tom made a good call, but you’re incorrect to say that he compared himself to comedy greats. The other Hugely popular comedians have all successfully used Hitler jokes. Maybe you should consider that even though in bad taste, a large part of comedy is making light of bad situations.

  • bruce

    hi anyone who thinks that these comments should be severely delt with please feel free to sign the above petition

  • Joseph Hertzlinger

    It sounds like they were making fun of the tendency of ideologues (some of them antisemitic) to devise ever more ludicrous Nazi metaphors. Such ideologues are worth ridiculing.

  • uncle joe mccarthy

    how many academy awards did life is beautiful win? a comedy made about the holocaust

    the guy isnt an idiot because he made an aborted holocaust joke…but because he doesnt get chaplin, brooks, or the pythons

    i think australia is rotten to the core…has been since it was a penal colony…only good thing that country has done was to be an r and r spot for american servicemen during ww2

    shoulda let the japanese overun the continent…then nuked it

    i have spoken

  • Alex

    It’s a pretty mealy-mouthed apology too, sort of “sorry you didn’t find my joke funny

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