Self-Hating Jew Twitter Comment Of The Day

When the dust settled down after the terrorist attack on Egypt and Israel, the twitterverse kicked it back up with a frenzy of crazy conspiracy theories about Israel, commenting on how Obama is catering to his Zionist lords for calling that attack terrorism and not the attack on the Sikh temple in Wisconsin.

But above all, the Israel Bad crew went on their usual spree, accusing Israel of everything: Bibi for world hunger, Jews for Malaria, and the Bible for whitewashing terrorism.

I might have overstretched the first three, but not the last one, for Bash-Israel-Firster Rosenberg came out with his typical revolting drivel so praised by his posse:

We are, unfortunately, used to seeing such comments directed right and left at Israel, it’s government and Jews worldwide. However, when such loathsome rhetoric about current events are draped over the Jewish Raison d’etre, make no mistake, you are dealing with a self-hating Jew.

On that note, I wish you all a good and peaceful Shabbat.

Afterthought: Don’t you think it’s rather telling he chose to mention supposedly Israeli(te) terrorism aimed at Egyptian kids, but not Egyptian terrorism aimed at all newborn Israeli(te) males (Exodus 1:22)?

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Dan Smith has been exposing anti-Israel fallacies since the first time he opened the world wide web on Netscape Navigator, sometime in the late 90's. His lack of formal journalistic, political and sociological education means he is still capable of objective, unbiased views and opinions. A judge of media, pundits and media pundits.

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14 October 2013 at 8:10am
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  • tom

    First I wish you also a Shabbat shalom, in both ways. Peaceful and restful.

    Now: Interestingly enough, I learned this week that the first born actually killed their parents for not pressuring Pharao to let the Jews out of Egypt, when they were warned that they are going to be killed.

    • Leor Blumenthal

      All Rosenberg is doing is demonstrating how Biblically illiterate he is. The word bechor does not mean babies, it means any mammal that was born first. I am 37 years old and am still a bechor because my mother did not have any children before she gave birth to me (and did not have a Caesarian). The Egyptians were given a series of ultimatums and they ignored all of them. As a result all of the firstborn males were killed by G-d. The Torah does not decribe how they were killed. They could have died of an anuerysm, or a heart attack, spontaneously combusted, been eviscerated by swords held by Seraphim, or their heads could have exploded.

      In any event, what does Rosernberg care? He has cut himself off from the rest of his people, he is an atheist and he probably hasn’t picked up a chumash once in his life. Why should he care to comment other than out of malice? All his maliciousness does is prove he is an Am Ha’Aretz.

      • juvanya

        Exactly, none of these monkeys ever do anything Jewish. They just use it as a weapon.

    • juvanya

      whered ya read that? Not in any Torah I know of

      • tom

        OK, maybe I wasn’t very precise with my answer.
        First of all, yes, it’s not “directly” in the Torah, meaning in a passuk (Verse).

        In this week’s parasha (עקב) Moshe Rabbeinu says: “המסת הגדלת אשר ראו עיניך והאתת והמפתים והיד החזקה והזרע הנטויה אשר הוצאך ה’ אלקיך כן יעשה ה’ אלקיך לכל העמים אשר אתה ירא מפניהם”
        Devarim 7,19

        One of Rashi’s comments on the passuk:
        והזרע הנטויה זו החרב של מכת בכורות”
        The Siftei Chachamim (not “Yikar Siftei Chachamim”, which is a shorter version), comments on this Rashi:
        “כדכתיב וחרבות שלופה בידו נטויה על ירושלים יש מפרשים כמשמעו החרב שהכה הקדוש ברוך הוא בו הבכורים ויש מפרשים (בכל בו והר”ד אבודרהם) שהבכורים הכו באבותיהם דהבכורים היו יודעים שהם ילקו בשביל ישראל והלכו ואמרו לאבותיהם שישלחו את ישראל ממצרים ולא שמעו להם והלכו והרגו מהם כמה אלפים וזהו שנאמר למכה מצרים בבכוריהם: ”

        So they tell us that the first borns went out and killed their parents. I was not adding the obvious that they also were killed (the first borns)

        You should maybe then learn more of “my” Torah ;-)

  • Jim from Iowa

    I suppose the horses are already out of the barn; the toothpaste is out of the tube, etc., but I have to tell you as a gentile how counterproductive this discussion of Jewish self-hatred has become. It places people in armed camps and eliminates any possibility of finding common ground. And it hurts Israel. I suggest reading Peter Beinert’s piece in today’s Daily Beast on this subject.

    • Norman B.

      It is no more counterproductive or hurtful to Israel than pruning a dying limb off an otherwise healthy tree. Beinart’s fallacies have been criticized in civilized discourse many times. If he refuses to reconsider, then it’s his problem, not Israel’s.

    • Shy Guy

      No, it draws the lines of who is friend or foe.

      Common grounds? Perhaps we both like sushi.

    • dcdoc

      Are you expressing agreement with Rosenberg or do you have anything to say in actual support of this particular utterance by him or of his many others that most of the commenters here find loathsome, like the speaker himself? Or, are you just weighing in with a sweet-sounding Rodney King-like, “People can’t we all just get along,” though the differences with the likes of Rosenberg are so substantial and consequential?

      And as a gentile presuming to offer Jews advice about their intracommunal affairs, are you telling us that we can and should accommodate ourselves to the likes of Jewish Voices for Peace, because though it pushes for BDS and is very much part of the movement to judge Israel by double standards, demonize the Jewish state, and delegitimize it. In your opinion, are there Jews who are so patently and undeniably anti-Israel or otherwise outre that the right thing to do is to regard them as pariahs and treat them as such? Where should the boundary lines be drawn?

      [Is it Beinart’s Daily Beast piece about Jewish and Arab refugees that you are commending to our attention? How do you see it as pertaining to this thread?]

      • Jim from Iowa

        Beinert’s article is “Where the Jewish Right and Black Left Meet.” Attack Rosenberg for his ideas, not his Jewishness. Doctor, heal thyself.

        • Leor Blumenthal

          Jim, the problem is that Rosenberg is using his Jewish ethnicity as both a shield, to ward off attacks that he is crossing the line from legitimate criticism of Israel to out-right Jew hatred and as a club to bludgeon Israel and other Jews. He needs to be called out for what he’s doing.

          • Jim from Iowa

            M J Rosenberg holds anti-Israel views with which I disagree. His Jewish heritage is off-limits for me. It’s just that simple. Do I want to turn him into some kind of an Uncle Tevye? No chance.

            • dcdoc

              Thank you for your gentile perspective. You are profoundly non-comprehending about what is involved here, though. Leor Blumenthal explained it, but you don’t get it or don’t wish to get it. Rosenberg is contemptuous of “mainstream” Jews who do support Israel, and that alone would be enough to make him contemptible. Then there is more, like his colaboration with Israel’s enemies. He makes himself more so, if that’s possible, when he comes forth with hateful utterances like his celebration of Ben-Zion Netanyahu’s death.

            • ahad ha’amoratsim

              “His Jewish heritage is off-limits for me.” As well it should be. Just as whether a given Scotsman’s opinions make him a traitor to Scotland are off limits for me, a non-Scot. It’s just that simple.

              But Rosenberg’s Jewish heritage is not off-limits to us. Like any other nation, we have the right and indeed the need to examine internal threats and determine at what point one of our own has cast his sympathy, loyalty and advocacy with those who live to see us dead.

              You may be a friend, but you are not one of us. It’s just that simple.

    • ahad ha’amoratsim

      Beinart came out with similar garbage about the ten plagues and also about the Book of Esther.

    • ahad ha’amoratsim

      Jim from Iowa, thank you for your perspective, which you no doubt offered in good faith. I have to tell you as a Jew how little I care about what you as a gentile think that we Jews should or should not be discussing. This is a site run by Jews about matters affecting the Jewish people (Am Yisrael), the Jewish homeland (Eretz Yisrael) and the Jewish state (Medinat Yisrael). If you do not like what Jews say among themselves, you are free not to listen.

  • Shai

    I’m pro-Israel but what he’s saying is not actually wrong.

    • Steven

      Then you are antiemetic or believe antiemetic tropes. Jews do not celebrate the plagues, and in fact spill wine from their glass at each plagues mention. We are not supposed to find happiness either in te story of Pharoahs soldiers drowning, it is sad that it had to happen in that way. We celebrate our freedom and redemption and awe at G-ds might – we do not celebrate the suffering of Egyptians. S

      • Steven


      • dcdoc

        While you may have intended “antisemitic,” tt would have worked fine as it was if you had only left out the “anti-” prefix, that is as, “Then you are emetic or believe emetic tropes.”

      • Shai

        Calling me anti-Semitic is like calling Al Sharpton an anti-black racist. You’re coming off as utterly retarded hyper-defensive instead of discussing the facts.

        True, we do not celebrate the death of their first borns at passover. Big whoop. God still made sure they all died as a form of punishment.

        • Shy Guy

          So go back to Egypt and become a housemaid to assuage your guilt trip.

        • uncle joe mccarthy

          no shai…you arent anti semetic…you are an idiot who brings nothing to creation

          jump off a building

          im serious…you have no purpose on this earth

          if you had been in egypt…hashem would have left you there…to die

          therefore, you do not exist

          your being is an enigma…you should not exist

          end your worthless time on this planet

        • ziontruth

          “…calling Al Sharpton an anti-black racist.”

          Not that far-fetched, then. Sharpton and his fellow race-hatemongers have done more damage to black Americans than the KKK ever could, by telling them the American Dream is not theirs to partake (the hateful, grievance-nurturing message of Malcolm X, to contrast with MLK’s uplifting and optimistic speech).

          More to the topic, the Passover celebration is slightly tempered, but not so much as to be humanistic in sentiment. While the Midrash says HaShem responded to Shirat Ha-Yam with the complaint, “My creations are sinking in the sea and you put out songs?!”, it is nevertheless conceded that the Jews had every right to rejoice at having 210 years of cruel slavery at the hands of the Egyptians avenged.

          I know where Rosenberg is coming from in his setting of humanist standards in judgment of HaShem and His word, but that still doesn’t make it right. It’s not about the blasphemy involved, which is between God and him, but about the way this humanism robs its adherents of the necessary, temporary cruelty needed for dealing with such an evil and cruel adversary as Nazi imperialism in the past and Islamic imperialism now. The road of appeasing the aggressors and letting them remake their world in their monstrous image is paved with humanist morality.

        • ahad ha’amoratsim

          Okay, tell G-d you think He was wrong and that you know more than He does about what is right and wrong, good and evil, moral and immoral.

          Maybe you can also ask Him to take your head out of your colon.

    • Leor Blumenthal

      Yes, Shai, everything he is saying is 100% wrong. Have you ever been to a Passover seder? Do you ever notice how when we come to the part of Maggid where we read the Ten Plagues we spill wine out of our cups? That is a sense of mourning at the pain and suffering the Egyptians went through because of their refusal to release our ancestors.

      Furthermore, you seem to be under some misunderstanding about what “firstborn” means. It doesn’t mean a baby that was born five minutes ago. It can refer to anyone, any age who is a male firstborn. I’m 37 years old and I am a firstborn.

      Furthermore, it was not a punishment, it was an ultimatum! Moshe told Pharoah that if he did not release the people of Israel G-d would kill Pharoah’s firstborn, because G-d considered Israel His firstborn son. Look, have you ever seen an action movie, especially “Taken”, with Liam Neeson? L’havdil, G-d is in Liam Neeson’s position: someone has kidnapped his only child, and He goes all action hero on the bad guys. Like Liam Neeson, G-d had no personal beef with Pharoah until Pharoah not only enslaved Israel, but started murdering the male children by throwing them into the Nile. That’s when things got serious and G-d sent Moshe to deliver the ultimatum: “You let my kid go or there will be trouble? Understand?”

  • Zionist Killer Bee

    Rosenberg’s comments are not self hating, they’re textbook psychopathic. He simply wants all Jews including himself, to be exterminated.

  • A F

    Something to remember when you hear the “I’m only being critical of Israel, there’s nothing wrong with that, right?” defense.
    Takes his anti religious sentiment and injects it into his anti Israel sentiment.

  • Lemzia

    Off Topic:
    I was just watching a show about the “anti-christ” and it said that Jews do not believe that there is an afterlife and that does NOT make any sense to me. Could someone please enlighten me on this subject?

    (I dont trust everything I hear on TV) :-)

    • Shy Guy

      Show is dumb. Here you go:

      Does Judaism believe in reincarnation?

      • Lemzia

        Thanks Shy Guy, You ALWAYS have the RIGHT answer :)

        I knew it sounded wrong and I hate it when idiots spew lies and pretend it was true. Makes me sick.

  • uncle joe mccarthy

    we must get rid of the term…self hating jew.

    the fat man with the porn stache is not self hating…he doesnt consider himself jewish…he is a jew hater…period

    a fat, filthy, ugly jew hater that should be hit by a bus so i can dance at his funeral

    • Abu Zibby

      There’s another factor that could be called ‘Stockholm syndrome’. A famous and sad example was chemist Fritz Haber (

    • ahad ha’amoratsim

      Not a good idea to wish misfortune on another Jew. Better to wish that he should see his errors and that he work to undo the harm he has done. cf. the discussion between Rabbi Meir IIRC and his wife about the bandits who were infesting their neighborhood.

  • Dick Silverstein Kapo

    The worst form of terrorism is when someone dares to disagree with me or comment about my fashion sense involving women’s clothing.

  • Abenger

    Time to sew MJ Rosenberg’s foreskin back on with a rusty needle

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